Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've done an actual post. Here is weigh in Wednesday. 😊

Weight: 185.6 

Loss of 0.6 lbs. since the last time I weighed was two weeks ago and we were on vacation for 9 days. I'll take it!! I lost weight On vacation. Yeah!!! 

I was reading through my 2010 posts. That's the year I gained 30 lbs. 😕 Yeah. It was a tough year with Connor starting kindergarten and being busy with three kids in activities. I've gotten more used to it but it's still crazy. Im hoping I've learned how to choose more wisely now. Not to let every change in routine be an excuse not to choose healthy because let's face it, with three kids, working full-time and trying to do a lot of stuff with the kids, there is no "routine". Every day, every week, every month is different. We just have to figure out how to get through it sanely and healthy!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday

Weighed in today. Down 1.1 lbs

Weight: 186.1

I'll take it. Another lb lost. Another lb NOT to gain back again. I DID NOT go to the gym. I don't know what it is about Wednesday's. Ugh. Sigh. Oh well. My body needs a rest right? I'll go Thursday and Friday. Yes I will! If I want to lose another lb before our vacation to the Grand Canyon I will. 

NSV last night. I so wanted an ice cream cone. You know. The nestle drumstick with nuts on the chocolate shell over the ice cream. (Drooling) But I didn't. I stayed in my bedroom and did not go into the kitchen. Yeah me!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Tuesday's Exercise

April 29th was the last Wednesday that I hit the gym. Gonna fix that tomorrow!! Have to get to the gym. I will!!! 

Went this morning even though I didn't want to get up. When my Fitbit says 5 hours of sleep you know I'm tired. I need between 6-7 hours but if I go to the gym that won't happen. I cannot go to bed by 8 pm at night. Not possible with everything that needs to be done at night and for the next day. I'll just catch up on sleep on the weekend. 👍🏻 

Friday, June 05, 2015


Today I'm off from work but I got up at 4am and hit the gym anyway!! Gotta get that workout in. I did a 5 min warm up. Then 25 mins weights. Worked the legs. Then I did Week 2 Day 3 of the 10k trainer. Boy are my legs feeling it now!! They gonna be jello later. 

Super busy with helping out at the kids school and end of year school activities today so no time to rest. Probably a good thing!!

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Lowest weight

I decided to look through all my calendars where I write down my weights just to see where I was over the years. I always thought that my lowest weight was after I had Connor, but before I had the twins. I was wrong. While I did get down to the 160s, I actually made it all the way down to 152.4 in December of 2009. Then in 2010 I gained 30 lbs. ugh. I will get back there again. I have about 35 lbs to lose to get there again and get in "virgin" territory but I will do it!!!

Memory Lane

I've been reading my old journal entries when I was losing weight in 2003-2005. Wow. Brings back lots of memories and makes me want to keep this journal up this time. So here we go!!

Weighed in yesterday. Current weight 187.2. That is up from last week 0.3 lbs but I'm down 10 lbs from March so I'm happy. Just need to keep at it. I've logged onto mfp for 72 days in a row an logged my food each day. That's an awesome streak and I'm so proud of myself. :-)

Monday, May 11, 2015

New Week

It's Monday. Start of a new week. Yeah! And my leg is feeling 100% better. double yeah! I went to the gym this morning. Did the elliptical. Took it easy since I wanted to be careful with my leg. But it didn't hurt nor was sore at all. 

I went a little overboard with food this weekend. We went out to dinner for my birthday on Saturday. And then Sunday was Mothers Day. But I'm back at it today. And I've journaled it all in mfp. That's what's keeping me going. As long as I keep journaling, I can keep this up. Memorial Day weekend may be a challenge since we are going camping but I'm gonna keep at it. I'm determined. Fitbyforty!!!

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Fit by Forty

Well my 39th birthday was yesterday. I am determined to get Fit by Forty. I just am. I'm tired of looking in the mirror and being unhappy with what I see. It's time to change that. I've already started. I started in April with trying to hit the gy once a week and tracking all my food in myfitnesspal. I'm happy to say I'm on a 44 day streak at mfp. 😊 

My goal for May is to hit the gym twice a week. Of course I have not done that yet this month. I must have pulled a muscle in my leg last weekend. Ugh. I was on such a roll too. Went on an awesome hike with Monica M. So I've had to rest it. So no gym at all this week. 😞 ugh. And since it's my birthday week and no exercise the scale is up. But that's ok. I've still been logging all my food. The good the bad and the not so good. Lol. But I realized today it's 364 days until my 40th birthday and I don't want to be where I am today (or God forbid heavier) in 364 days. My leg is feeling a ton better but I'm not gonna push it. Gonna rest it till Monday. Don't want to reinjure it. But I will succeed. And I WILL do this. 

Starting weight: 192.0

Here I am at the waterfall we hiked to last Saturday. I will take updated pics when we go back. I WILL not look like that again!!!!