Friday, October 30, 2009

New Breakfast Idea

As part of the GAG Week 9 Challenge, we were challenged to try new recipes and/or new foods. I've had this breakfast "recipe" that I've been wanting to try for MONTHS and well, now is a good time. =) Here is the recipe:

Nutty Chocolate Banana

1 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Rice Cake
1 Tbsp marshallow creme
4 banana slices 1/8 inch thick, cut into pieces
1/2 tsp chopped peanuts
1/2 tsp mini chocolate chips

1.) Spread marshmallow creme over rice cake.

2.) Top with banana pieces

3.) Sprinkle peanuts and mini chocolate chips over banana

Servings: 1
Calories: 120
Fat: 3 g
Fiber: 0 g

It was YUMMY! But I think I'll try it tomorrow with cool whip. I can have more of that for the same amount of calories as the marshmallow creme. Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1/2 Mark for the GAG challenge

So today marks the 1/2 way mark for the GAG challenge. I've done extremely well so far if I do say so myself. BUT the hardest part is coming up. All my November birthday's, Thanksgiving and Christmas. :sigh: And I'm starting to struggle. I don't want to struggle. I've got to figure this out. I WILL figure this out. I meant to take 1/2 way pictures. I'll do that tonight or tomorrow if I get a chance. Tonight is a potluck International Dinner at my kids preschool. Yikes! I WILL be good though! Although the Apple Pie I am bringing looks pretty darn yummy!!!! And Connor's been asking to eat it. LOL! So check back tomorrow on that!

But anyway, a lot of other GAGers are re-looking at thier goals and seeing how they are doing so I figured why not me too. =)

My Goals:

  1. Journal EVERYDAY!
  2. Drink 64 ozs of water every day.
  3. Exercise at least 4 days a week.
  4. Menu plan dinner and STICK WITH IT!
  5. Update blog at least 3 times a week - no matter what.
  6. Weigh 150 or below!
#1 - Well I think I've only not journaled this past weekend. So 2 days out of 56. Pretty good!
#2 - Well, I think this past weekend was the first time I didn't drink my 64 ozs. So again 2 days out of 56. Yeah! But I see a trend with this past weekend!
#3 - Um what's exercise?? Can someone find it for me?? By the way, got the renewal in the mail for my gym membership. Ha, ha. Have had it for 3 years and used it TWICE. Yep that is the TRUTH! LOL! Am I going to renew it?? Hell yes. It's $49 for a year and I WILL USE IT. Keep asking me k. ;)
#4 - Been menu planning and sticking with it for the most part. I move days around but that's about it.
#5 - I'm not sure I've been keeping up with 3 days a week but I know I've done at least two. I'll keep this one going. Shouldn't be too hard.
#6 - Well since I've lost 18.6 lbs so far (HOLY COW!) I "only" need to lose 5.2 lbs to reach the 150 mark in the next 8 weeks. I CAN do that!!! Shoot if I lose a lb a week for the next 8 weeks (which I've been averaging 2.3 lbs these past 8 weeks) I'll be at 147. So I'm going to change this goal to be at 145! I can do this!!!

So I am NOT upset with my progress so far. I am doing really really really good. I am going to go head out for a walk right now during lunch since I have that darn potluck tonight. I need to get in some exercise today and this is the BEST way. So off I go!!

ETA: Went for my walk. =) 30 mins. 1.5 miles. Whew! It was a beautiful day. I just need to find a BETTER area to walk in. The only downside to working in Downtown LA.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weighing In!

Well I weighed in today. After this weekend, not that I did bad, I wasn't expecting much. I got on the scale and it said . .. . 155.2. I was like cool. 0.8 lbs. I'll take that!! That's almost 1 lb. Then I got to work. And I looked at my weight last week. It was 158 NOT 156 like I thought. Holy cow! That means I lost 2.8 lbs!!! Yee haw!!! I will be in the low 150's next week. I will I will I will!!!! =)

But since I brought it up. What was my weekend like? Well dh and I were fighting and that is never good. I either don't eat (that's the norm) or eat junk (that's the norm if I have junk food in the house). Thankfully I didn't have junk food in the house. We are sort of made up but there are underlying issues he needs to deal with that he keeps putting on me that I can't help him with. Hopefully he figures it out soon.

So anyway, Friday was an ok day. I had that funeral to go to which meant we went out to lunch and like I said on Friday I should have picked better but didn't do too bad. I didn't end up eating anything for dinner so was OP that day. I know I know. Not good.

Saturday we woke up and I ate my breakfast (vitatop and cool whip free) and then we headed out to do the family pictures. Got done with those. Went and got the H1N1 shots for the family since BIL called and had found a place that had them and then picked up McDonald's on the way home. I ended up only eating 4 chicken nuggets because dh and I were fighting and by the time I got to eat, the fries were GROSS. Made up with dh and then had friends over that night and ordered pizza and salad for dinner. I only had salad but I ate their full fat ranch dressing. It was GOOD though.

Sunday woke up and ate breakfast (I had two Holey Donuts). Then I had to run to Costco so took my son with me. Got back and fed the kids grilled cheese. I started nibbling on the grilled cheese. Had 1/2 a sandwich that was leftover from the kids and then Connor and I went to the birthday party down the street. I ate some vegetables there with dip (which I'm sure the dip was NOT good but the cucumbers tasted SO GOOD! I could have eaten them all day long LOL!). I did not have any of the sandwiches or pizza. We left the birthday party and then we went to the Halloween party. I ate basically the Costco Lemon cake and that was it. When we got home, I was hungry sort of. Wanted something sweet and since I hadn't been "bad" I ate an ice cream. But that wasn't doing it for me so I finished the night off with the last piece of pizza leftover from Saturday night with ranch dressing to dip in (and not fat free!). And I was like 1/2 way done eating the pizza and feeling sick. But i finished it. WHY?!?!  What have I learned?? In situations like this I HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN! I've been here before. I had a plan. I SUCCEEDED!! I did not succeed last night. I'm probably ok calorie wise but that's not good enough. I should have done better. And November is going to be horrible! I have birthday party the 7th. A Graduation party the 14th. A birthday party the 15th and Thanksgiving. YIKES!!! So needless to say I will have to plan in November. I guess it's a good thing this happened now instead of before LOTS of events when I could say F*** It and just go on an all out eating spree. I will NOT let that happen.

So not sure what this means for next weeks WI. I guess only time will tell. The good so far this month? I've lost 11 lbs AND I have had NO Halloween candy. That WILL continue. =) AND I will get in some exercise on Saturday doing the trick or treat thing. Yeah!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I guess I should update . . .

It's been a trying week for me and I'm not really sure why?? It's been VERY difficult for me to stay OP these last two days. But I have. Today is REALLY going to be a struggle since I can't eat dinner basically. We had a funeral to go to for a co-worker. Well, retired co-worker. There was a lot of people there. Standing room only! On the way back the four of us that car pooled stopped at Farmer Boys for lunch. I could have been better, I could have been MUCH worse. I split an order of fries with a coworker. AND I only ate 1/2 my sandwich. I actually took less than 1/2 the fries even. =) And by the time I was done eating my 1/2 of the sandwich I was FULL!! =D And I stopped. Yeah me!!

As part of the GAG challenge this week, we are supposed to "think outside the box" in terms of exercise. Uh huh. Well if I could even think in the box and find time to exercise I would. So I'm a total DUD with that challenge. I will have NOTHING. Oh well. I'm hoping to make it up in the two truths and a lie challenge. =) Which by the way is FUNNY!!  I can't wait until we find out what the lies are!

I'm not too hopeful on the weight loss front. Although I hopped on the scale this morning (BAD HEATHER!) and was down 2 lbs! Why wouldn't that spur me to greatness??? Good question.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Weigh In

Today was WI day. And I am happy/sad to report a maintain. Mind you I can't complain. I've had some AWESOME losses lately it was bound to catch up with me sooner or later. I did not gain! That is the important thing. Not to mention AF decided to show up so I'm sure that doesn't help either.

Dh and I were able to go out to dinner and a movie Saturday night. I wasn't completely good. But I'm sure if I was still doing points on WWs I would have just used my flex points and been fine so I'm still calling it OP. I journaled EVERYTHING. I am very proud of myself. I believe I've been journaling faithfully since Sept. 1st. If not before. This is a first for me. Even back in 2006 when I had my 100 day OP streak (and then some) I wasn't faithfully journaling. I was counting points and did it in my head. It worked for me then. I don't think that would work for me now. I like sparkpeople. I like counting calories. It's working for me right now so I'm going to stick with it. Hopefully next week I'll be happy to say I'm more firmly in the 150's. =)

Friday, October 16, 2009

This N That

Last night I had my Mothers of Multiples Meeting.  They usually feed us so I checked to see what they were serving and it just said snacks. Since I had to pick up dinner for dh I picked up Subway for him and myself. I hate 1/2 of my sandwich and saved the other 1/2 for lunch today. =) Since I had already eaten it was easy to resist all the snacks. At one point I was talking to another MOM who was munching and I looked down and saw pretzels so I ate ONE. LOL! It was easy though since we were busy tying up no sew fleece blankets for a philanthropic thing we were doing. It was fun.

This morning I splurged. I like to do that sometimes on Fridays since it is Friday. =) I had TWO Holey Donuts. I am FULL AND it is still lower than having one regular donut! Yeah! Do I think they are worth the price?? Um, if you get them on sale, yes. I just hate that shipping is so high since they have to ship them frozen.
Our plans for the weekend are the Pumpkin patch. Should be fun. My MIL is coming over Saturday and dh and I are going to go out. Maybe dinner (OP of course!!!) and a movie. Then we'll bring her to the pumpkin patch on Sunday and meet up with my BIL and neice (not sure if his wife will come or not). It should be fun. Hopefully the kids aren't too crazy! Oh yeah and I'm wearing my Dockers today that I couldn't fit into two weeks ago!!! =) Well I could barely button them up and right now I'm sitting down COMFORTABLY. Yeah!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Would You Like to Win Some Vitalicious Vitatops??

Well, Jenn over at Watch My Butt Shrink is giving away a sampler pack!! How cool is that??? Check it out HERE. Good Luck!!! (but I'm gonna win. hee-hee!)

Book Review - Humanism for Parents

I decided to read this book because the title caught my eye - Humanism for Parents Parenting without religion. Seeing as how dh and I are of completely different religions we have chosen (for the most part) not to inflict religion into our kids lives. Is this good? Is this bad? Can't really say one way or the other as our children are still very young. I think it's more of the fact that we are in denial to make a concrete decision one way or the other. I have had no problems with him taking our son to his religious gatherings and he is cool so far with our kids attending a Christian preschool. But I wanted to know what this book was about and if I could use it to help us go through this parenting without inflicting religion into it.

So far I'm not sure that I got out of this book what I thought I would going into it. There were some ideas that I took away that weren't necessarily having anything to do with religion or the lack thereof in parenting. They are just common sense type things. For instance, he talked about when kids tattle and how you should teach them tattling to hurt someone is not good but tattling to help someone is ok.

I didn't really think this booked talked much about parenting let alone parenting without religion. It spoke mostly about what Humanism is and their thoughts and ideas. It didn't really mention much about how to use those ideals to raise your children. This book did have great questions and answers for parents to use when their kids start asking questions, but I don't define that as parenting. That is merely answering questions that raising your children as Humanists bring up. Don't get me wrong, the answers the author provides are great for those that want to raise their kids this way and give you as a parent a basis to start helping your child understand humanism but it in no way, explains how the parent is raising their child as a humanist.

Overall, I thought this book was a good read if you want to learn the basics about Humanism and what they think and their beliefs/structure. As far as a parenting book, I don't think this qualifies.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weighing In

Drum Roll Please . . . . . .

158.0!!!! Holy Smokes! I have made it to virgin territory!! YEEHAW!!! A stressful weekend probably helped as I know I did not eat much. Bad me. I have to be careful of that!! But that is a 4 lb loss. I made my goal of getting to 160 2 weeks early!! And I am on my way to hitting 140 before the end of the year! Ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves what with my three kid's birthday's, my hubby birthday AND Thanksgiving all in November. Then Christmas right after. Ugh. But I am doing so hot that I WILL continue and not let those days derail me. =) I seem to do so much better on the weight loss front towards the end of the year than the beginning. Go figure.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A weekend

Not really fun not really not fun. After the ER trip, Taylor kept complaining that she was pooping but wasn't. Ugh. So we went home (had a good Saturday afternoon though) and I took her to the doc again. Yes, she has a big poop in there so I had to do the fun thing of doing the suppository (sorry TMI) up her butt. Sure did help. And no wonder it wouldn't come out. It was rock hard. Poor thing. So she is still complaining a little so I kept her home from daycare today. Sent the other two kids. She's doing fine. Hasn't really pooped again but I did give her some stool softener to keep helping her. So needless to say a stressful weekend. Thankfully I didn't have time to eat so I'm still OP.  Whew. Just no exercise. I think that will be my constant battle. Well hopefully tomorrow (once I WI) this will turn more back to a weightloss journal! It's kinda taken a turn differently sorry!!! But it is what is causing me stress which in turn makes me eat. :sigh:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not really in the mood

To blog. Yesterday Taylor started with a fever. Since we are out
camping we packed everything up this morning but ended up deciding to
go to the ER that is about 33 mins from here. So I spent all morning
at the ER for them to tell me it's a virus and there is nothing I can
do. So I came back to camp. Good thing we didn't go home? She was
acting fine the entire time. :sigh: Her fever was down when I took it
before she went to bed but I've also been doing Tylenol/Motrin since
we got back. But this is the lowest it's been since she first started
with it even with medication. But all in all today was a much better
day than yesterday. Go figure. Although I have to say, I'm looking
forward to going home tomorrow.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Challenging First Day

So far today is a hard day. =( the kids are so tired from our trip
last night that they are just driving me crazy. Amazingly they did
sleep in this morning and I got 7 hours of sleep but they are so
whiney and all I feel like doing is eating. Thankfully they are such a
handful right now I can't. But this usually what happens, they finally
go down and I eat everything in sight. I cannot do that. Now if only
they would nap. : sigh:

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Going Camping

We are headed camping this weekend. Wahoo!! I am super swamped at work today and so ready to get the heck out of her. Too bad I still have over 1/2 a day left here. :sigh: Anyway, I am planning on having a great SUCCESSFUL weekend. I planed my last weekend and I will plan this one. We already have our food planned out. I will stick to it. Kinda hard not to since we only have what we brought LOL! My only temptation will be the snack type stuff we usually make, dips and chips, etc that we usually bring out and share. I did not bring any so hopefully I'll be too busy and won't be able to! =)

Since we are leaving tonight, we are going out to dinner. We decided on Panda Express. I was looking up the nutrional information once again just to make sure what i usually had was ok. Um yeah. Things have CHANGED drastically. I usually get the Bejing Beef. After it was first introduced I looked up the info and input it into sparkpeople. I input 480 calories. Well now they are saying it's 600 calories!! WOA NELLY! What the heck?? I guess I won't be eating that tonight. :sigh: Everything is lots of calories. They do have quite a bit that are under 250 calories BUT a lot of them aren't always offered. Like the green bean chicken. I LOVE that. I love me some green beans. =) But when I was there this past weekend, not there. So I'm gonna go with the Orange Chicken and Chow Mein. Not the best choice but it IS within my calories for the day. =)

This weekend I'm gonna try and run around with the kids. Get them active, etc. If not for them, for me!! I need to do more than sit on my butt this weekend. I usually don't but now that the girls are getting older it's easier to. They play and don't need me. Of course, it's been so long since we've gone riding I have a feeling Emily is going to freak when they start up the bikes. She's not into loud noises but I'm sure she'll adapt.

I'll try and post this weekend. That's why I have my iPhone. =D But no guarantees. I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant. This award is about bloggers who post from their heart, who oftentimes put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul.

The Rules:

List 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know.
Pass the award on to 10 deserving (and unsuspecting, bwah-ha-ha!) bloggers.

I received this award from Christine - a fellow GAG challenger. Thanks Christine!!!!

GAG Week 6 Point Challenge

This weeks point challenge is a doozy!! Lots to keep track of so I will do it here. That's the only way I'm going to keep everything straight. Somethings will be a struggle since we are going camping and I'll be without a computer but that is why I have my iPhone. =) I can still blog (as long as we have cell service!) AND I can still track my food. So here is the point breakdown:

Water – 15 pts per 8 ozs
Supplements – 10 pts per day
Stay OP – 25 pts per day
Exercise – 25 pts per 30 mins
Sleep: 6 hours = 10 pts
          7 hours = 15 pts
          8 hours = 20 pts
Blog – 25 pts per day
Team Support = 50 pts (check in with them two times this week!!) DONE
Holiday Prep = 50 pts (Going to work on my calendar for gifts!)
Do Something for YOU = 50 pts (Going to find time this weekend to munch on something, OP of course, with a diet soda and reading a nice book!)

Tuesday - 220 pts total
   Water 150 pts
   Supplements 10 pts
   Stay OP 25 pts
   Exercise 0 pts
   Sleep 10 pts
   Blog 25 pts

Wednesday - 250 pts
   Water 180 pts
   Supplements 10 pts
   Stay OP 25 pts
   Exercise 0 pts
   Sleep 10 pts
   Blog 25 pts

Thursday - 300 pts
   Water 180 pts
   Supplements 10 pts
   Stay OP 25 pts
   Exercise 0 pts
   Sleep 10 pts
   Blog 25 pts
   Team Support 50 pts

Friday - 305 pts
   Water 150 pts
   Supplements 10 pts
   Stay OP 25 pts
   Exercise 25 pts
   Sleep 20 pts
   Blog 25 pts
   Do something for self 50 pts

Saturday - 215 pts
   Water 135 pts
   Supplements 10 pts
   Stay OP 25 pts
   Exercise 0 pts
   Sleep 20 pts
   Blog 25 pts

Sunday - 175 pts
   Water 120 pts
   Supplements 10 pts
   Stay OP 25 pts
   Exercise 0 pts
   Sleep 20 pts
   Blog 0 pts

Monday - 190 pts
   Water 120 pts

   Supplements 10 pts
   Stay OP 25 pts
   Exercise 0 pts
   Sleep 10 pts
   Blog 25 pts

Total Pts 1655

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Over the Top Award

Thank you to my fellow GAG team member Lynn for bestowing this award to me!

So the rules are:

Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. You must use only one word answers!
Once you have filled it out you then pass it on to 6 of your favorite bloggers and alert them that they have been awarded.

1. Where is your cell phone?

2. Your hair?

3. Your mother?

4. Your father?

5. Your favorite food?

6. Your dream last night?

7. Your favorite drink?

8. Your dream/goal?

9. What room are you in?

10. Your hobby?

11. Your fear?

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

13. Where were you last night?

14. Something that you aren't?

15. Muffins?

16. Wish list item?

17. Where did you grow up?

18. Last thing you did?

19. What are you wearing?
20. Your TV?

21. Your pets?
22. Friends?

23. Your life?

24. Your mood?

25. Missing someone?

26. Vehicle?

27. Something you’re not wearing?

28. Your favorite store?

29. Your favorite color?

30. When was the last time you laughed?

31. Last time you cried?

32. Your best friend?

33. One place that I go to over and over?
Work =(

34. One person who emails me regularly?

35. Favorite place to eat?

So now I am supposed to pass it on to 6 people. So here goes (as I don't want to be the one to make it stop! LOL!):

Do what you want! There is no pressure here. =) Just know that I LOVE all your blogs!!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Weigh In and More about Saturday

Drum Roll Please
162.0!!!!!!  A loss of 4.2 lbs this week!!! YEAH!!! I guess my body likes big losses followed by a small loss and then a big loss again! I'll take it!!  Yee haw!!! If I can lose 2 lbs this week I can get to my goal of 160 two weeks early!! I can do it too since we are going camping this weekend as long as I watch the snacking. I CAN do this! I need to again plan my weekend. If I plan, I can be successful and get to my next goal! There will be no planned exercise but running around after the kids all weekend while we are camping will definitely be exercise. That's what I ended up doing yesterday. I pulled all three kids to the park yesterday in the wagon. Probably a good 100 lbs 1/4 mile to the park. =) Then I basically pushed them in the swings, watched them and spotted as they climbed and actually got to enjoy myself now that the girls are getting more independent. Taylor still needs lots of help climbing but Emily is doing awesome! Then we came back home and we kicked the soccer ball around together and played a little basketball. It was a great day.

Like I said Saturday night, my wedding plans were a success. There were only two things I forgot to consider - appetizers & cake. Oops! I skipped the appetizers.  I also didn't drink hardly anything. The stupid bartender when he poured me my diet coke and rum basically forgot to leave room for the coke. It was so strong I couldn't even drink it. I think I had like 4 sips and I was just done. Oh well. I didn't need to anyway!!! We then sat down for the meal. The salad was ok but the dressing was weird. It was like a ranch but it was called pear vinegrette and tasted like that. I didn't really care for it so I ate a couple bites and then the tomato slices and a cucumber slice. Why waste calories on something that doesn't taste fantastic! Then they served rolls. I decided since I hardly drank anything and saved those calories I could eat half the roll, So I did! The the food came out. My goodness! This steak was HUGE! I cut it in half, ate all the vegetable and ate about 1/2 the potatoes (which were sucrumpicious!). I probably shouldn't have had the last bite i did because I was full but I did. I've learned though. And now I even have leftovers for lunch today. =) The other thing I didn't think about was the cake. But I indulged and it was oh so good!!! So worth it.

So that was my weekend. I've learned I need to plan and I can be successful. I know this and I will continue to do this!!!! Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail!! (I'm not failing!!!!)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wedding Plans

Were a success. I did everything I had planned. Woo hoo!! Go me. And
I got to take home the 1/2 of my dinner I didn't eat. They had to go
boxes!!! =)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Weekend Plans

Going to be extremely busy this weekend so I need to plan in order to make it through unscathed! =) I have my mulitples group garage sale where I'm selling a bunch of stuff. Hopefully I can make $100 or so. That is running from 7am - Noon. Then I have a wedding to go to at 5pm that day where we will be served dinner. On Sunday, we will bring the motorhome home and dh will be spending all day washing and getting it ready for our camping trip next weekend so I'll be watching the kids all day. So what are my plans for this weekend?
  • Eat bagel and cream cheese for breakfast before I leave.
  • Bring my water bottle filled with ice and water for something to drink.
  • Bring an apple for snack in the morning, if needed.
  • Bring a salad (leftover from dinner last night) for lunch when I'm getting ready to leave the garage sale. That way I'm not tempted to stop at McD's on the way home to pick up lunch!
  • Eat a snack before I head out to the wedding AND finish drinking my water for the day (which is another filling of my water bottle from earlier).
  • At the wedding, I chose steak for my meal. Eat HALF ONLY!!! Keep half of everything on my plate (except for the veggies).
  • If I want to drink (which may be doubtful. I drink but I'm not much of a drinker plus I have to drive home) only have ONE diet coke and rum.
  • Dance Dance Dance at the wedding. =)
I'm not "too" worried about Sunday. I tend to not eat a lot when I'm at home with the kids because I'm running around with them. It's supposed to be a cool day though with the possibilty of rain (highly doubtful though) so we may want to stay inside. That means finding games and such for the kids to do. Hmmm. But I'm still pretty good about my food and water when we stick to home so I'm not worried about that.

I WILL stick to my plan. I may print it out so I can look at my points and cross them off when I'm done. Oh, good idea! And I'll report back on Monday (if not earlier!) about how I did!!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Super Busy

Yesterday I was out of the office all day in meetings. Talk about a hectic day. It took me two hours- TWO HOURS to get home. I believe the distance was 30 miles. Gotta love LA traffic. So needless to say I did
not blog yesterday. I did not get to anyone's blog either. I will today on my lunch break. Yesterday since I was gone all day, I ate lunch out. We went to souplantation. I was not entirely good. but I think i was able to salvage the day. Barely. I ended up going to subway for dh for dinner and I did not eat. Oh well. I made a
conscious choice when I ate out not to be good and I have to suffer the consequences right? So today will be better! I promise. =)