Tuesday, October 31, 2006

100 days!

I have been OP for 100 day straight! WOO HOO!! I hit the 3 digit mark!!!! I'm shooting for 6 months now! YEAH!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

2 more lbs

Well another week down another 2 lbs gone! YEAH! Although that means in order to reach my goal next week I have to lose 3.3 lbs this week! YIKES!!! I can do it if I get out there and exercise. I just feel so stressed out and need to do so many things that I don't know if wogging will be in my future right now. Speaking of which, I just feel so pissed off all the time lately. No matter what happens I'm pissed off. Mostly at dh. I'm just tired of this double standard that goes on. He yells at me for the stupidest shit and yet when I'm upset I don't say anything or if I do say something he blows it off. Let's see about a month ago I had opened the windows in Connor's room to get some air flow in there and put him down for a nap. He was edgey all day to begin with. When he pulled up in the driveway (which he doesn't normally do) Connor woke up so he yelled at me saying why did you leave the windows open. Fastforward to yesterday he never closed the window when he was napping and both myself and his brother pulled into the driveway. Did I say anything? No. It's all about him. Shit I feel like a single mother most of the time. Except for him getting Connor ready in the morning and feeding him dinner at night, taking him to and from daycare, there really isn't much more he does. I pay the bills, I do the laundry, I clean the house, I do the dishes, I cook dinner. He will do bottles every other week basically. I do the grocery shopping. He takes care of the cars (how often does that happen?) and the motorhome (once a month he washes it and does periodic maitenance on it). He takes care of our quads (once we sell mine that will only be HIS quad). He doesn't mow ( we have a gardener). I'm really trying to think of what he does. All I see him do is be on the computer looking up stuff or sitting in the living room complaining he has a headache. It's getting really old. And I'm really tired of being pissed off.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Things that Make you go Hmm . . . .

So I actually lost weight this past week! WOAH! 2.9 lbs to be exact! Who'da thunk it! I really didn't think I was going to lose. I didn't really exercise. We were busy getting ready for the trip and I had alcohol on Friday night and enjoyed myself at dinner on Saturday (stayed OP though!). So I guess I really do deserve the 2.9 loss especially after the 1 lb gain the week before. I'll definitely take it! I have 5 lbs to lose in two weeks to meet my goal. Let's see if I can do it!! We aren't going camping for another 3 weeks so I should be OK. We will see!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Why do I struggle. I am so struggling. And it's only going to get harder the next few months with Thanksgiving and Christmas. UGH!! I WILL get through the week, I WILL!! I so want to see the 160's next week. If I keep eating like I am, I'm not going to see it. Why why why do I have to suddenly have a sweet tooth. :sigh: I'm usually not this bad either. I do not want to gain back the 40 lbs I've spent the last 8 months losing!! I would LOVE to lose another 20 lbs by the end of this year. I just have to keep thinking of that. Keep thinking of that, keep thinking of that. :sigh:

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Gain, oh well.

I was OP all last week BUT i still had a gain. I was kinda expecting it though. It's been a rough last two weeks and even though I've been OP, I haven't been eating the healthiest. That's OK. I'm not gonna let it get me down. I started Week 4 of the W2R program which was 1 min walk/3 min jog. Whew! Felt really good but jogging for 3 mins straight wore me out. A good wore out though. LOL! I'm gonna keep with it and get fit and keep dropping these pounds.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

An update

I really need to get better at updating this blog. I just copied over everything from my old xanga to a word document and i have been reading it. It's really interesting! Brings back lots of memories from when I was going through the whole weight loss thing in 2004. AND it's made me want to keep up here better. Having something that's written down and reminds you of where you have been is good. You get to enjoy the good moments again and become aware of where you went wrong so you don't have to go through the bad ones again.

So far I've been really good with staying OP. I've basically lost count but I know 100 days OP will be Oct. 31st! I have struggled the last week with stressors at home but knowing that 100 days is approaching is really helping me to stick with it.

I've joined a new challenge at c2l. It's called the biggest chooser! i hope to win. I'm going to work hard and do my best! If I lose the 21 lbs I want to lose by the end of the year I think I will have a great chance! ;)