Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Have I done to myself

I'm almost there. Really, this time I am. Do you know what my weight loss was like for the month of March??? Nothing. Actually I GAINED 2 lbs. GAINED GAINED GAINED. Gained. What am I doing? In reality, I should thank my lucky stars that I didn't gain MORE than 2 lbs. I've been really really really (really!) bad this month. Let's see. I can't remember the last time I didn't have a donut and soda for breakfast at work. I can't remember the last time I drank water. I can't remember the last time I ate a fruit or vegetable. I can't think of the last time I exercised. What kind of example am I setting for my kids?? Connor keeps saying he wants to exercise or his is doing exercise. He's even asked me if I'm running. I should be saying "Yes honey" or I should be putting on my shoes or my workout clothes or my iPod and going out there and RUNNING. I really need to get back into the swing of things.

We are starting a challenge on the weight loss forum I frequent tomorrow. I'm hoping that will be the kick in the butt that I need to get this weight loss moving. It's me. I know it's me. I need a better mindset. I'm just hoping it's coming.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weigh - In and Some Links

Well I weighed in today since I didn't yesterday (being home and all with the kids). I amazingly lost 1.8 lbs. I swear I always lose when we camp. It must be the never being able to sit down until the end of the day when I'm extremely exhausted from running after three kids, making meals and snacks and getting drinks and food for everyone days. :sigh: But I guess I'll take it. =) I am miserable and want to fall asleep right now. And this week is INSANELY busy at work. Ugh. Oh well.

I also wanted to give some people some links to what has and is helping me along this weight loss journey. Since so many people are visiting due to the Ultimate Blog Party, I thought what better time!

So here they are in no particular order:

First - Weightwatchers. This is what has helped me in the past to lose this weight. I've gone to meetings and I've done it on my own. Whatever I've done, it's worked and I need to get back to it.

Second - Sparkpeople. This is a FREE site that you can log food, exercise and has TONS of resources!!! If you sign up, say pinguinlvr referred you. I get sparkpoints and let me tell you, they are ADDICTING!!!! =)

Third - HungryGirl. This lady is AWESOME! Lots of recipe swaps and tons of products that are diet and weight watcher friendly. Check her out!!!

Those are it for now. Enjoy!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back from Camping

And I haven't even weight myself today. I am home with all three kids because the twins daycare is closed today and I didn't have the heart to send Connor to daycare when he would know his sisters were at home. But I've also come down with a cold. Ugh. Rest is the only thing that gets me better and rest is not what I'm getting. :sigh: But they are down for a nap right now and I should get a nap in too. I will weigh in tomorrow!

My first Giveaway!!

Check out my giveaway for the Ultimate Blog Party over on my other blog:



Friday, March 20, 2009

UBP Introduction

Since there are simply HUNDREDS of participants in the UBP I thought I'd introduce myself. =)

Sit back and enjoy a little cup of hot cocoa (sorry I'm not a coffee fan!) and let me tell you a little something about myself. ;)

My name is Heather and I am married to my high school sweetheart. We will have been married for 11 years this coming July. WOO HOO! I can't say it's all been peaches and creme but it has been an adventure. More good than bad. =D We have three children. Our son Connor who is 3 and twin daughters Taylor and Emily who are 1. They are actually almost exactly 2 years apart. What can I say. I know how to plan? I also work full-time outside the house and so does my dh. Life is definitely challenging with three kids under 3 (I guess I can only say that for a little longer huh?) but it has it rewards. I actually have two blogs. This blog, which is my weight-loss blog. And my "family" blog. Really I don't care if anyone here sees my family blog but since I tend to vent here on my weight loss blog (since some of my eating issues are tied to stress and gee - do you think having three kids under 3 DOESN"T cause stress??) I don't advertise this blog there. ;) But you are all more than welcome to go see it - HERE.

So since this is my weight loss story let me tell you more about it. =) I start SERIOUSLY losing weight in 2004. I was always over weight. I thought I was so fat in high school. Shoot. I weighed 140. To be at that weight would be HEAVEN right now. I gained weight in college and finally when I married my hubby I was probably 180. Between 1998 and 2004 my weight creeped up. The highest I remember being is 209. And that is when I said this has to stop! So in 2004 we had three big trips planned and i said I am not going to be the whale! So i started exercising and doing weight watchers. I dropped 40 lbs that year. Then in 2005 we decided to seriously try to get pg (we had been trying on our own since 1999 - with no luck obviously). And it WORKED! I got pregnant with my son. Gained 60 lbs!!! What was I thinking?? I think my highest recorded weight was 213 and I stopped weighing myself after that.

So I had my son and in Feb. of the following year (2006) I said I NEED to do this again. I am disgusting. I didn't want my picture taken of me with my son and I didn't want to miss out on that. So I got serious. Then I faultered and then I got SERIOUS. I mean a MEAN SERIOUS. I went on a 100+ long day OP (on program) streak! It was AWESOME. And I lost 50 lbs in 2006 getting to LOWER than I was when we got married! Everyone was complimenting me. Dh kept saying how HOT i looked. Then in 2007 we were ready for another child so we went back to the doctor. Um, this worked out a little too well and I got pregnant with the twins. Gained 40 lbs. I still have not been able to get down to what I was at when I got pregnant with them (165). So basically now here I am. Struggling and needing to get back to that mindset of 2006. I can do this! I WILL do this!

Ok so I probably just gave you WAY more than you were asking for. lol! =) Please feel free to ask any questions! I will try to answer them all. We are going camping this weekend (leaving tonight) and will not be back until Sunday night so I'll be gone this weekend. But feel free to browse around. I will be back and on top of things come Monday. Who is with me?!??

P.S. Enjoy the Blog Party! Hope to meet lots of great NEW people!!!

Ultimate Blog Party is HERE!!!!

WOO HOO!! I did this a couple years ago and then you know I got pregnant and such and life just got the better of me. What can I say. But this year I remembered and you are all welcome to join me. YEAH!!!

There is lots going on and lots o' PRIZES too so check it out!
It has taken me all week to go through the prizes but here are my top 3:
#58 - Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer giving away by MomsWhoThink
#14 - $43 in Scentsy products by Andrea Hatfield
If those are already taken, the following are other prizes I'd like: 19, 21, 22, 28, 38, 99, 49, USC 10, 113, 119, 123, INTL 49, 73 or any gift certificates that are being offered!
There are SO many prizes there will be HUNDREDS of winners! I hope I'm one and I hope you are TOO!!! =)

I'll be back shortly to introduce myself.
And check out my own giveaway HERE.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm still here

Just trying to get through this week. We are going camping (yet again! - we just got back from camping on Sunday) so I'm busy doing laundry, grocery shopping, re-packing the motorhome, and then I have my OCMOM's (Mother's of Multiples) group meeting on Thursday. I haven't been in three months so I really really really want to go. =) Once this week is over, my life "may" settle down some. I do have a meal plan this week. I should be able to stick to it. It is as follows:

Monday - Pasta w/ Garlic Bread
Tuesday - Cheese Enchilada's
Wednesday - Hot Dogs
Thursday - I'm eating at my OCMOM meeting, dh is on his own or I'll pick something up for him on my way home.
Friday - Frozen pizza
Saturday - Chipotle Chicken Breasts & Scalloped Potatoes
Sunday - Sandwiches

So I'll be back!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Sorry!!

I'm sorry! So Sorry!! I know Hayley was inquiring about me. =) Things got hectic. Works is crazy and I'm trying to adjust to my new schedule with dh's new job. I have less time at work so - less time to blog. ;)

Ok, OP streak - Not so much. I've been struggling. I think my problem is I'm HAPPY. Ok, now I know that sounds weird but I'm happy with my life as it is right now. Dh and I are good, the kids are good. I'm content. But contentness can bring indifference. I'm indifferent in whether or not I lose weight. I have clothes that fit, a dh that loves me the way I am and kids that love me for me. I can play with them without being out of breath. I can spend time with them. But if I continue with my indifference, it may lead to me NOT being able to do things with the kids. If I start gaining weight, I WON'T be able to fit into my clothes anymore. Am I happy when I see pictures of myself - NO. Am I happy when I go to try on clothes at the store - sometimes yes sometimes NO. Do I need to change??? YES!

And so I start again my fellow weight loss buddies. I know this is a continuous cycle. Until I change my mind set and until I get my attitude to change it will be difficult. But I know you are all out there to help me.

I am going to try yet again to start an OP streak. I'll let you know when I get past 2 days. =) And yes I gained 1 lb last week. Better than gaining more. I'm sure this week isn't going to be much better. I wouldn't be surprised if I was in the 180's when I post on Monday. I'll let you know. We are going camping this weekend (and next!) but I'm hoping to get exercise in this weekend as there are lots of places to walk through the campground. Maybe I can get that daughter of mine to start walking on her own yet!

Talk to you all on Monday (and yes I did have a meal plan this week just did not get time to post. =( )

Monday, March 02, 2009

OP Streak

So my friend and I are challenging each other to an OP streak. Back in 2006 I went OVER 100 days of being OP. And I'm hoping to recreate that. My friend got her butt back in gear today and I have been successful so far so I can continue! I'm supposed to go out to lunch with my friend so I'm going to pick up Quizno's. =) I CAN and WILL so this. One day at a time. I'm shooting for 1 day right now. Then I'll shoot for 7, then 30 and so on. That's how I did it last time and it just snowballed!

And Hayley over at Happy Hawkeye Homeschool House challenged me to take a picture at the beginning of my weight loss journey and at the end of the month and show them to see the change. So keep your eyes out on March 31st. Thanks Hayley!!!! I do have to figure out what my before picture should be. I've actually been on this journey three times. 1.) Before I got pregnant with Connor I started at 209 and lost 35 lbs. 2.) After I got pregnant with Connor I started at 213 and lost 50 lbs or 3.) After I got pregnant with the twins (Which is NOW) and I started at 209. (Gee - do you think my body likes 209??? Or was I just in denial above that!!) I'll go through my pictures and see what I actually have. I KNOW i have pictures of me after Connor was born so I may use that. We'll see.

Menu Plan Monday 3-2-09

Monday - Chicken Fajitas (carryover from last week)
Tuesday - Mexican Pizza (will share the recipe later - carryover from last week)
Wednesday - Hot Dogs w/ FFs
Thursday - Taco Soup w/ Garlic Cheese Biscuits (Taco soup on freezer)
Friday - Nachos
Saturday - Kung Pao Chicken (carryover from last week)

Sunday - Leftovers
Even though I have SEVERAL carryovers from last week, we only ate on once last week. Go figure. We just rearranged what we ate because I totally spaced and forgot Ash Wednesday and the whole Lent thing started. WHOOPS! =) We ate out 6 times in the month of February. Not bad for us. I try to keep it to 4 but that is asking A LOT! Although I have to say, we got Outback Steakhouse on Saturday since our friends came over. I would have enjoyed homemade Chicken Fajitas and Chips and Guacamole more. Eating out just isn't the same anymore.
For more menus check out: Orgjunkie

Well . . . It's March

It's another month and hopefully a better month than February!! I lost 1.6lbs last month. I guess it's better than a gain but really, it SHOULD have and COULD have been so much BETTER. Ugh. I'm really getting back in the groove though. Especially with no sweets right now. It's getting me back in the mindset. Plus dh and I were looking back at pictures from New Years 06-07 and he was like you looked good (not that I don't look good now - his words) and everyone kept saying how good I looked. I was ONLY 10 lbs lighter than I am now. I can get back there and then some. I KNOW I can!!! It also helped that it was in the high 80's all weekend! Beautiful!!!! The kids played outside all weekend long. It was so nice!