Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Am I Back??? I Sure Hope So!

We went camping last weekend and had a BLAST!! It was so awesome. The campground was awesome. The weather was awesome and it was just a great weekend. I'm just getting tired of the twins not being able to communicate except through tantrums and fits. Gets old real quick when there are two of them. :sigh: But other than that, it was an awesome weekend! I ate like crazy this weekend but running after three kids helped me to shed 1.5 lbs. But if I'm not careful. It's going to come back on. I'm still in the 180's but I weighed in at 180.1 so I'm almost back into the 170's. I so want to get back that mentality I had after Connor was born. It doesn't help that I was sick with a horrible cold AGAIN last week. It's still lingering too. UGH. I have a cough and stuffy nose. Yuck. If it would ever go away I'd be able to get back to running. :sigh: This Week! I NEED to!! I just need to figure out how to get that mentality of losing weight again. Anyone have any ideas????

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm hoping to be back

to posting soon!! Real soon. Dh and I decided to go to my cousin's wedding in June so I'm hoping to lose 13 lbs and get into the 160's before then. I KNOW i can!! But I'll have to keep myself accountable. I can do this!!

Book Review - Face of Betrayal

I joined The Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers. For my first book they sent to me they gave me Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl. I really enjoyed this book. It was a page turner. I kept wanting to read more to see what was going to happen. It starts out with three friends. These three friends all went to high school together although they were not friends in high school. Each of them went their separate ways but all made it back to the town they grew up in. Two of them ended up in the law enforcement field and the last one became a reporter (so sort of in the law enforcement field. At least she reports on what they do).

The beginning of the book was a little hard to follow. I found myself going back to figure out which of the three women they were talking about but once I got about 1/4 of the way through the book, I understood who was who. My only other complaint of the book was the chapter headings. The author had them labeled as to time and place but sometimes the two chapters next to each were the exact same thing. Made me wonder why there was a break and a new chapter was started.

The ending was good - I won't give it away but it was a little twist. =) Kept me wanting to read to see what was going to happen. I will definitely be looking for her next book in the "triple threat series" to read once it comes out.

Monday, May 04, 2009

New Start

How many times do I have to say that??? Am I ready this time? What is different about this time? Honestly I couldn't tell you. Will this be the last new start? I doubt it. But it's a start right?? =)

I went lingerie shopping yesterday. And while I don't look HORRIBLE. I could look better. A LOT better. There is a 5K I want to do on the 30th. Have I begun to run again. Yeah, ONCE last week. Ugh. And it's not like I don't have the time - I just have a TON of excuses. No more. I had my healthy breakfast - yogurt parfait. It was yum too. Here is the plan from now on with the meals:

Breakfast: Yogurt or Oatmeal with a fruit mix in and something crunchy.
Lunch: A Lean Cuisine meal with extra veggies or leftovers (proportionally packed)
Dinner: A meal that I had PLANNED

I've gotten really bad about planning dinner. I've gotten really bad about grocery shopping. I need to come up with a plan and stick to it. I can do it. Just because I've been busy doesn't mean I need to shirk my responsibilites. I can still plan quick easy meals. I think what I am going to do to make is easier is to plan that every week I will have seven different types of foods. For instance, one meal will be italian, one meal will be mexican, one meal will be a casserole, etc. That way I'm not trying to come up with so many different choices. So that's the plan anyway.