Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week One Results

Journal: 5/7

Exercise: 411/3500

Weight Loss: 0 lbs
Not a stellar week that's for sure. But I will do better this week!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week One

Journal: 5/7
Exercise: 411/3500

Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Day

Journal: 2/70
Exercise: 0/3500

Well I'm doing the journaling. :) Not doing the exercise. Baby steps right? I've also started eating breakfast at home. I have 30 mins between the time my hubby leaves and when I have to get the kids up now because I can't drop Connor off until 7:30. So I am going to start making eggs or something else with protein in the morning. It helped so much! When I got into work this morning I was full and didn't even feel the need to stop at the snackbar. Yeah!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day One

Still no picture. Sorry!!! I need to do that tonight. Things were crazy last night. But I wanted to come in and report:

Journaling: 1/70
Exercise: 0/3500

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Week Summer Challenge - THE BEGINNING

And so it begins TODAY! Woo Hoo!! I so need this. I need something to change my mindset. I am tired of being fat and gross - especially during the summer! I have lots of oppurtunities for exercise and eating right and I am going to TAKE it! If anyone wants to be an accountability partner, the more the merrier! Just hit me up!!
I will be changing my WIs to Wednesday to accomdate this challenge so look for my beginning weight tomorrow. =) I wll also have dh take a before shot of me. I would really like to make the next 10 weeks count. What can it hurt? NOTHING. Like Christine said - I can do anything for 10 weeks. It's "only" 10 weeks. I can do this!

What do I want to get out of these 10 weeks?

Define your Ultimate Goal: Journal 60/70 days. Lose 20 lbs

How many calories do YOU need to maintain your current weight? 1900

Define your exercise goals: Burn 3500 calories per week (not gonna do day because some days are harder then others!!)

Define your food/intake goals: 1400 per day.

I will be logging my food and exercise at If you are a member, I'm pinguinlvr. Friend me. =) I will post my pics tonight. I'm also going to limit my soda to ONCE per day. I know. That's hard for me. That is my caffeine. That is my addiction. I need to cut it out. I'm not sure that crystal light is any better (except no carbonation) but I'm going to try and drink more water but when I just need flavor - I'll use crystal light. Other than that, I just want to get into the exercising habit. Even if it's just a DVD in my bedroom. Or doing some lunges outside. Or just stretching. I don't want to be a couch potato. :( I want to get back into running and running some 5Ks. I can do this. Who is with me??

Friday, June 03, 2011


Why can't I get my eating in check. It's not like it's that great of food either. :sigh:

Got to the gym today and finished Week One of the c25k plan. I LOVE the new app i found for my iPhone for the c25k program. It's so cool to use my own songs that I like. I did not go to the gym yesterday. Since i had to drive in, I figured the extra hour of sleep would be helpful for me NOT to fall asleep at the wheel! And I was right. I wasn't as tired as I was the day before. I know it will get better also as I get use to the new routine.

Journaling is eh. I did horrible yesterday and didn't journal at all. I'll journal today. My eating is still out of control and I feel gross but I will get back in control.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

10 Week Calorie Counting Challenge

I saw one of my favorite weight loss peeps (Christine) is having a challenge starting June 21st. It's a calorie counting (aka journaling) challenge. YES! Right up my alley and exactly what I need to work on!! So I'm in! Would you like to join?? Please do! The more that hold me accountable - the merrier! =D

It's going to run from June 21st - August 30th. 10 Weeks.

What do I want to get out of these 10 weeks?
  1. Define your Ultimate Goal: Journal 60/70 days. Lose 20 lbs 
  2. How many calories do YOU need to maintain your current weight? 1900
  3. Define your exercise goals: Burn 500 calories per day 
  4. Define your food/intake goals: 1400
So there you have it. =D If you'd like to join - go to THIS post and sign up!! We CAN do this!!