Saturday, January 28, 2006

Starting Fresh

Well I wanted to start fresh after my pregnancy with my weight loss so what better way than to start a new blog!! Woo Hoo!! Unfortunately I am at my all time high. But fortunately it came after a really great life experience. The birth of my cute baby boy! But now it's time to get serious. We would like another child and I so do not want to be this weight ever again. Even if I am pregnant. It's not that I looked all that bad pregnant. I think I looked decent. But I'd like to look really good. I'd like to look really good not pregnant!! So I'm starting anew on Monday. I will weigh myself and keep myself accountable here.

There are some girls in my neighborhood that starting a weight loss club. I really can't call it a club it's more like a bet. Everyone puts $25 in a month and whoever has lost the most percentage of weight gets the money. That would be $150!! They also decided that if you gain weight in a week, it's $5 a lb!! Really makes you not want to gain weight! Well, they started before I could get in on it so I'm joining up in February. I have one week before I can join but I so want to. I think it will help get me the motivation that I need. I did so well in 2004 with losing weight. I lost over 30 lbs that year. I just need to do it again and do it better this time.

I will have my hubby take a before picture of me within the next couple of days and post it. Hopefully that will also help in my motivation. I have no clothes to wear. They all look like crap on me. UGH!!

So my plan is to lose 50 lbs this year. I think it's doable. But we will shall see!!!!

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