Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book Review - Skinny

Review of Skinny by Laura L. Smith

So I joined a blogger review panel at and here is my review of the first book I've received from them.

Good Read for Teenage Girls

I really liked this book. It was a fast read and very entertaining. It brought me back to my high school years and the trials that a teenage girl goes through - getting good grades, participating in extracurricular activities, having your friends like you, having the cute boy date you – all important things in a teenage girl’s life. And not everything can be controlled. This is a good book for all teenage girls to read with an important message.

The main character - Melissa - is a very likeable girl that most teens will be able to relate to. When things start spiraling out of control, Melissa finds the one thing she can still control – her eating. But that turns out to be detrimental to her life and it impacts her dancing. She finally comes to terms (sort of) with her eating.

I was disappointed in the ending. If you are looking for something that will help a girl that is already anorexic, this is not the book. She is not truly over her issues with food in the end. She has basically identified there is a need to be careful and for her parents to watch but it is a battle she will have to control even after the book ended. This book is good for the upcoming teenager to understand the heartache and trials you will start to endure when entering high school and how NOT to handle the pressure.

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Kathryn said...

I appreciate your comments.

The truth is, when someone is seriously involved in an eating disorder, the battle doesn't end & it can become a life long issue.

Good luck with your own struggling (which i can totally relate to). I'm sure you will reach your goal in time.