Wednesday, April 01, 2009

2009 Goals Revisited

Can you believe that 1/4 of the year is OVER. O-V-E-R. So why not check to see how I'm doing with my goals?

2009 Goals

1. GET TO GOAL! (serious - no joking this year!) (Em, not doing so hot - Bascially weight wise I'm at what I started on Jan 1st. =( )
2. Run 6 5k's (approximately one every other month) (Done 1, 5 to go)
3. Run a 10K this year. (Still haven't found one to do.)
4. Exercise 4x's a week. (Um, yeah not happening currently)
5. Scrapbook at least once a month. I did in January and haven't since
6. Plan meals every week. Yeah! I am actually doing this!
8. No more diet soda - it's expensive (I can save money) and not great for you. Yeah this fell by the wayside too.
9. Use my crockpot at least once a month. (Used in Jan. but not again since)
10. Watch less TV. Um, I haven't added any shows that I wasn't already watching but I could be better.
11. Organize my home. (one room each month will take me 9 months so I may take two months on like the kitchen which is bigger). Laundry Room DONE Need to get back to this!
12. Read 12 books this year (one a month). (6 down, 6 to go).
Dancing in the Dark by Mary Jane Clark
Double Tap by Steve Martini
Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan
Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch
Multiple Blessing
Hide in Plain Sight by Marta Perry

Um yeah, thos weight loss markers. Not doing. I need to redo them AGAIN. When, when will I get the motivation and the inkling to keep at this. I like the good for you food, it's just the bad for you food is so much easier to get to. :sigh: It's needs to stop here and NOW. Going to put my soda in the fridge for later and get a bottle of water RIGHT NOW. And I will redo my goals for the LAST TIME!!!

5/4/09 - Goal of 170
6/15/09 - Goal of 160
7/27/09 - Goal of 150
9/28/09 - Goal of 140
11/30/09 - Goal of 130

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Hayley said...

Go Heather Go! You can reach these goals, I know you can!! Have you noticed I've been MIA lately....yeah, I have no good news to report, so I'm not reporting at all. LOL. I'll get back to blogging....and dieting for that matter. I've logged back on to too. I think that will help me a lot!! :)