Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Am I Back??? I Sure Hope So!

We went camping last weekend and had a BLAST!! It was so awesome. The campground was awesome. The weather was awesome and it was just a great weekend. I'm just getting tired of the twins not being able to communicate except through tantrums and fits. Gets old real quick when there are two of them. :sigh: But other than that, it was an awesome weekend! I ate like crazy this weekend but running after three kids helped me to shed 1.5 lbs. But if I'm not careful. It's going to come back on. I'm still in the 180's but I weighed in at 180.1 so I'm almost back into the 170's. I so want to get back that mentality I had after Connor was born. It doesn't help that I was sick with a horrible cold AGAIN last week. It's still lingering too. UGH. I have a cough and stuffy nose. Yuck. If it would ever go away I'd be able to get back to running. :sigh: This Week! I NEED to!! I just need to figure out how to get that mentality of losing weight again. Anyone have any ideas????

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Hayley said...

Hi there Heather....I sooooo am where you are. I started a Low Carb diet 4 days ago, and so far, so good, but I have to tell you, I MISS THE SUGAR!!!!! I'm sure it's good for me NOT to be eating it, but boy do I miss it. I've switched my blog back to Happy Hawkeye Homeschool House......some were asking where I went?!? Who knew anyone was reading it?? LOL. You can do this! Here is my link.....hoping to post more often.