Monday, April 05, 2010

Starting over ... again

Today is a new start. Why not. It's Monday. It's a new week and the first Monday of the month. I am going to Vegas for my birthday on the 30th. I would LOVE to be 150 by then but considering I weighed in this morning at 162.0 (which by the way is a 1.2 lb drop from last week) I don't think I can hold my breath. It's taken everything in me right now not to munch. I'm probably thirsty. I've gotten in the bad habit of having a soda when I get into work first thing. So that pushes back my water intake. Bad me.

Ok . . .I just opened up my water bottle and took a drink. =) Starting in the right direction now. I have lunch planned - a lean cuisine and some chips and salsa (trying the new quesadilla they have out). I have dinner planned, chicken fajitas. But I have to go to the grocery store tonight. Since we were gone all weekend visiting family I am at my bare bones in the cupboards. So I need to make a grocery list and plan my meals the rest of this week and shop tonight. Ugh. But that's after doing Connor's homework, making a quick craft for Grandma's birthday (it's next Monday) so I can get it mailed out and doing baths tonight. Oh yeah, and I have Connor's follow up dentist appt this afternoon at 4pm. Maybe that will actually help as I will be home earlier than normal. That is if the dentist is running behind schedule.

I just can't seem to get a consistent schedule going. Ugh. I just have to muddle through and figure it out I guess. Can someone please add another hour in the day???

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The_Exquisite_Christine said...

Chug that water and stay focused on that Vegas trip. You can do it!