Monday, March 26, 2012

La Habra 5K

Wow. I do need to get in here and update more but wanted to write a post about my 1st 5k of the year. 1st of many more to come. :) I have actually signed up for 6 so far. And may sign up for more. :) The whole family came out to cheer me on. And Connor even did the 1K for the kids. So proud of him! Next time I have to remember to time him though so we can see how he progresses.

So for the most part, this was a pretty well organized and very cool 5k. I have to say though, I never realized how hilly La Habra was! I guess if I actually read the course description and it says semi challenging, that should be a clue. LOL! We actually started off right in the beginning with a hill. Ugh. But at least it got me thinking, there will be more hills in this race and I was prepared for them. Going downhill was awesome. :) I think my Garmin was registering a 9:30 mile at one point when I was going downhill!! I was so glad I was wearing my Garmin. It was awesome to know how far i had run and what pace I was running. I did walk a lot in this race but I attribute that to not running in a couple a weeks and also to the hills. So killer! But I had fun. I actually had a thought about 1/2 way through to call up my husband to come pick me up but of course - I did not. =D My overall time was 37:17. I was a little dissapointed until I came in here and check my other 5k times. That is my best so far!! I hadn't realized I had been in the 40 mins and then 38 mins. Wow!! I am very proud of myself! My next 5k will either be 5/6 or I may sign up for another one on 4/22. Have not decided yet but I know i need to decide soon! Now to keep training so I can get faster and run longer.

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