Friday, February 17, 2012


So this week marked 6 weeks of going to the gym. :) New record since last year I stopped after 5 weeks. Of course, wouldn't you know it - I get a dang stupid cold. :( I still went Monday and Wednesday but took Tuesday and Thursday off. I was going to go today (it's day three of the c25k this week) but I felt like I was almost over it and I didn't want to go outside in the freezing cold weather! (Yes, 40 is freezing to me. Yes I live in CA). This has not bode well for this week since I had lunch plans both Tuesday and Thursday. But I have still managed to keep it under my calorie limit for my days. :) I even didn't let dh talk me into eating out on Wednesday. ;) YEAH!!!

Next week I WILL be back at the gym. I will also get in my c25k Week 6 Day 3 either Saturday or Sunday. Monday is a holidy so no work for me but I will get in c25k Week 7 Day 1. And then Tuesday, my friend Mandie and I are starting Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer. I just hope I don't look stupid doing these exercises at the gym. LOL! But I'm serious and ready to do this!!

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