Thursday, January 07, 2016

Still at it

Went to the gym today. Workout #4 in the books!! Going to sleep in 15 mins tomorrow and do beach body on demand. I'll be starting the 21 day fix on Monday. They just shipped me stuff out today so I probably won't have the containers yet but I'm slowly getting the hang of what I need from references in the Internet. Plus with beach body on demand I already have to workouts. Hoping to rock the 3 weeks!!! My only hiccup is MLK weekend is the first weekend and we will be camping. No excuses though!! My beach body coach Alesha said one of her goals this year will be "to be stronger than her excuses."  Love it!!! I'm going to print that out so I can see it every day! Definitely worth striving for both in diet, exercise and everyday life!!!

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