Monday, July 24, 2006

First day of being OP till Goal!!!!

I am determined to be OP till goal. I've said this for the past month but I am serious!!!! I want out of the 190's. I want to sail through the 180's. I want to make it past the 170's and into the 160's which I haven't seen in a LONG LONG LONG time. Then I would like to glimpse the 150's, then possible get pg again, go up to no more than the 170's and then come back down and hit 135! That would be my dream. The only way to do that is to be OP always and forever. I can do it. It just takes some will power at first. Then it will become habit and I won't have to stress. I forget the saying but it's something like it takes 7 weeks to start a habit. So I am planning on starting this OP habit right now!!!

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