Thursday, July 13, 2006

Getting out of the funk and A 5K??

I'm starting to get out of my mood. AF is supposed to get here this weekend so hopefully that doesn't do anything to me. But I'm back to exercising and that feels so great!!! I want to do a 5K and I found one that is right on the Beach in Huntington Beach on 10/7. I'm going to prepare like I'm going to run it. But let's see if I actually get the gumption up to actually do it! I did jog/walk last night. Go me!! I tried to do the 1 min jog and 4 min walk last night. I never quite got the full 1 min jog but I'll get up to it! I know I will. Let's just see if I have the nerve to actually do the 5K.

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