Friday, October 08, 2010

GAG Week One Weigh In

Are you ready for it? I am! I weighed in today at 173.8! That is a 3 lb loss from last week! Yee haw! For some reason I wasn't expecting to see that much of a loss this week. Have I been in my calorie range? Yes. Have I exercised? More than I have been! Do I deserve it? HELL YES!

Last night we went out to dinner for a fundraiser for Connor's school. I picked out what I was going to eat BEFORE we went. I stuck to it when we got there. I knew I would have chips and salsa, I mean that's the best part! So I made sure I ate lower calorie breakfast and lunch and tried not to snack too much yesterday. And it worked! I still have calories left to have some chips. And my twins decided they like the rice and ate all my rice. So I never even ate that part of my meal. =) Yeah!

We are going camping this weekend. It's just me and my hubby, no kids. I'm going to be enjoying myself. ;) Hopefully not too much though! I'll try to reign it in but no guarantees since I have no idea when the next time we'll get a WEEKEND to ourselves! LOL!

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A Christ Follower said...

Congrats on your loss, it's great!! Keep it up!!

I hope you enjoy your wonderful weekend.