Wednesday, October 13, 2010


That is what I did this past weekend. But really - when are dh and I going to be able to go on a camping trip with no kids again? When will we be able to go away for the whole weekend without kids again? I totally get not making a camping trip a "special event" since we do that every month. I get that! I even get going out to dinner with the hubs not a "special event" anymore since we get to do that on a regular basis now it seems. But I think I deserved to sit there, eat junk and do NOTHING. Usually I'm up running around, playing with the kids, getting what they want, getting what dh wants, making food, running in and out of the motorhome. I'ts tiring!! I got to sit there and relax. It was AWESOME! Of course, now I'm having a hard time getting back in the groove I started last week. ugh. I did great last week. I need to continue it.

Went to spin class again last night. Sweated my butt off. =) Well not really but soon I will. ;) It was awesome. Loved it!

I have way too many "events" coming up. This weekend we have a birthday party. Next weekend we have a birthday party. The following weekend is Halloween. The following weekend - birthday party. The next weekend  - the twins birthday party. The weekend after that - Connor's birthday party. Then it's Thanksgiving. :sigh: Doesn't look like i will partake in cake for awhile. I think I'll wait until Conoor's bday party. That way I can have what I want and it'll be worth it. =) So needless to say. I'll be a little busy the next few weeks!!!

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The New Christine said...

My Dan is turning 3 in November. I think I will have a pout and a piece of cake that day, lol.

It's okay to grasp onto the occasional special occasion. Hope you have your groove back now that it's mid-week.