Friday, April 01, 2011

Ugh So tired

I am so tired today. This week and waking up to work out and working out in the evening is catching up to me. I did not want to do the Shred last night. Thankfully, my lovely children, wanted to do it with me so they pushed me to put it in the DVD player and we all did it together. Well Taylor sat and watched ;) but Emily and Connor did a lot of it with me. Of course the first thing out of their mouth this morning - Can we do exercise DVD tonight? Emily is so entralled in me changing into my exercise clothes LOL!

This morning was a struggle. I've told Connor that if he is a rainbow all week long we can have donuts on Fridays before school. Since I knew this was going to happen, I ate a bagel/cream cheese this morning so I would't be tempted when we went to the donut shop. Ugh. Didn't help. I still got an apple fritter. :sigh: I can still pull out today. Plus I did go to the gym this morning even though I'm SO TIRED. I know this is just temporary and it will get better once I get into a routine but it's hard the first week or two. I'm sitting here drinking a 24 oz of Diet Pepsi hoping the caffeine will wake me. Thankfully I had 32 ozs of water this morning at the gym but after this soda, it's all water the rest of today. I'm just so tired . . . Ugh.

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