Friday, June 03, 2011


Why can't I get my eating in check. It's not like it's that great of food either. :sigh:

Got to the gym today and finished Week One of the c25k plan. I LOVE the new app i found for my iPhone for the c25k program. It's so cool to use my own songs that I like. I did not go to the gym yesterday. Since i had to drive in, I figured the extra hour of sleep would be helpful for me NOT to fall asleep at the wheel! And I was right. I wasn't as tired as I was the day before. I know it will get better also as I get use to the new routine.

Journaling is eh. I did horrible yesterday and didn't journal at all. I'll journal today. My eating is still out of control and I feel gross but I will get back in control.

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Annalisa201 said...

I made it to 142, and now up more than 20 lbs to 165, you are NOT alone. It's okay. 10 weeks, just imagine. We can do this!!!