Wednesday, June 01, 2011

10 Week Calorie Counting Challenge

I saw one of my favorite weight loss peeps (Christine) is having a challenge starting June 21st. It's a calorie counting (aka journaling) challenge. YES! Right up my alley and exactly what I need to work on!! So I'm in! Would you like to join?? Please do! The more that hold me accountable - the merrier! =D

It's going to run from June 21st - August 30th. 10 Weeks.

What do I want to get out of these 10 weeks?
  1. Define your Ultimate Goal: Journal 60/70 days. Lose 20 lbs 
  2. How many calories do YOU need to maintain your current weight? 1900
  3. Define your exercise goals: Burn 500 calories per day 
  4. Define your food/intake goals: 1400
So there you have it. =D If you'd like to join - go to THIS post and sign up!! We CAN do this!!

1 comment:

Changing Christine said...

Yay! 150 here we come!

Glad to have ya. Love seeing your hard work pay off. Won't lose you again, promise! :D