Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Award

Remember that challenge I'm doing?? Well my fellow challengers nominated ME for an award! How cool is that?!?! Here it what they said:

Heather, of Heather & Chaos, was recognized for her Recipe Sharing and Food Porn, with quotes like “WOW! and YUM!” And she was also nominated for making Healthy Lifestyle Changes. Her fellow GAGer said “Look how far she’s come…I’m so inspired and motivated by her! I KNOW that she is finally on the right path! SO proud of her!!!!” Congratulations, Heather!
WOW! I really didn't think I shared that many recipes and food porn. =) But I did there for awhile. I guess I need to get back into that to live up to my award right??? =) And really, I have come a long way. Thanks for letting me see that. I am at the finish line. I can taste it - and NOTHING tastes better than being at goal!!!


Mandie said...

Woohooo Girl! Congratulations :) You totally deserve it!!!

Mommy2Joe said...

Congratulations! (and love the turkey day look to the blog!)