Monday, November 30, 2009

The Aftermath!

And drumroll please . . . . WI after Turkey Day is


Well I will not complain. A maintain after T-day is a feat in itself!! (I never did come in here and say I lost 1.2 lbs LAST week. Was busy with Disneyland and going on the roadtrip to my parents!) I have come to the realization that I cannot lose weight in the month of November. With four birthday's AND Thanksgiving it's just not gonna happen. So in the end, I lost 0.6 lbs this month. That's not bad. I didn't gain weight! That's what's important right? So I am back on track today. I did NOT meet my goal of 150 today but that doesn't mean I can't still shoot for 145 by the end of December. If I start exercising and watching my portions and journaling EVERYTHING again, I can and WILL rock it again. There really isn't much going on in the month of December. I am working every day except the 24, 25 and 31, 1 so I should be able to stick to a halfway decent schedule so I can get back on track. That is my goal this month!! And wow, I cannot believe there is only 3 weeks left in the GAG challenge! Yikes! I better move my butt so I can win this thing. I am poised and ready but I know at any time there are several ladies ready and WILLING to take my top spot from me. Not gonna happen without a fight I tell ya!! Not gonna happen. =D

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Mandie said...

So so sooo excited and proud of you girl! And you ARE rocking this challenge...keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!!!!