Friday, February 19, 2010

Time to Get SERIOUS

Really Heather. There is no reason for you to be slacking off like this. Your clothes are starting to get tight again (thank god I moved down to an 8 -10 or I'd really be in trouble!). Your stomach isn't right because you aren't eating healthy. Your skin is dry and you are breaking out because you haven't been drinking your water or eating healthy. Your kids are starting to pick up on your bad habits!! Is this how you want to be? Is this how you want to live? No it's not.

So it's time to get serious. I NEED to get serious. Had I been serious. I could have gotten to my goal by my birthday. Now. not possible. I can get darn close though!!! I WILL get darn close. So my friend Mandie has weekly goals so I'm going to start doing that. Here they are:

Weekly Goals for 2/22/10:

1. Journal
2. Drink 64 ozs of water a day
3. Exercise 1 time
4. Meal Plan

Ok, I think that's enough for my first week. LOL! Don't want to overdue it and then not want to continue. That is what I seem to do a lot. I try to do too much too quick. Well, let's see how next week goes!

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