Friday, February 26, 2010

Need to do something

This whole weight loss thing just isn't working right now. And I'm not sure why. Is it the weather? It seems I do some much better in the summer/fall time losing weight. Is it the kids? It's hard to lose weight when I'm not sleeping at night because they keep waking up. Is it the hubby? Its hard to focus when you are just irritated with the lack of help and the hypocriticalness of some people. Or is it me? It's probably just me. I need a new mind set. Can someone give me theirs? I'd really appreciate it. Until I find that right mind set - I have a feeling I'm going to be spinning my wheels.

Let's take this past week. Starting out great. Was journaling, drinking my water. But then dh went to bed early. And what did i do? Proceeded to stuff my face. For some reason, I feel the need to binge when he is not around. Why? I think i feel like he is watching me and accounting for what is going in my mouth when he really isn't. But when he isn't around, I feel like I can have a free for all. What should i have done the TWO nights he went to bed early? I should have started the Wii and popped in those games i wanted so bad for Christmas that i got and have not even OPENED. Not even OPENED. ugh. I will learn. It takes time. It takes time to change my mental attitude. It takes time to change my habits that got ingrained in me. But I'm working at it. Slowly . . . .


Kyle Gershman said...

I know how you feel believe me. When we binge, we think we are rewarding ourselves, comforting ourselves when we really know that we are hurting ourselves deeply. You need to ask yourself why you are hurting yourself; what purpose is it serving.

You can't really be enjoying the moment when you are eating something off of your plan, can you?

This is about you and you only. Not the kids..not the hubby. Its all you and you are the only barrier to making it happen.

Take each day a day at a time. Your only battle is each moment of each day and your only goal is to leave that moment confident that you've done your best.

You'll do this...this is you.

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

I know stress can play a huge role in losing weight. And it sounds like you might be a little stressed with lack of sleep and all. Why don't you give yourself some breathing room, and not be so hard on yourself (i know easier said than done)
Maybe take a week break from the diet and try to refocus, maybe even take a nap with the kiddos are napping, take some me (you) time.