Monday, February 22, 2010

Weigh In Monday

Well Since I've been really bad this month I can't really say that I'm surprised. I can only say that I'm surprised it wasn't worse!! Stepped on the scale today and it said


That is up 0.6 lbs. Not bad. But it's gotta end. I'm no longer in the low 150's knocking on the 140s door. But that is where I want to be. No I want to be in the 140s. A place I haven't been since high school. And I will get there. It may not be before my birthday like I had hoped but that's ok. I calculated it out and if I lose 1 lb a week I will lose these last 26 lbs by 8/22. That's right before Connor starts Kindergarten! I can be the M.I.L.F. I can be the Hot Mama!! =) Hee hee! So I'm working on my goals for this week that I posted last week. I will acheive them! Plus I am adding one more. No more BLTs. No more Bites, Licks, and Tastes. I'm getting into the really bad habit of finishing off the kids plates. I HATE to waste food but I need to be healthy more than I need to be free of wasting food. We went to McD's for dinner on Friday and I had a Big Mac (yes cane me now!). Then I finished off Connor's 2 Chicken Nuggets he didn't finish. Did I need them? NO! Absolutely not. :sigh: So no more! No more BLTs!!!

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Actual Scale said...

lol, love the 'BLT'. That is such a mom thing though & hard to turn off because I know I often don't even think about it until it is already in my mouth & I'm like what the heck did I just do? :)

Best of luck with your goal! You can do it!