Friday, May 14, 2010

Week Two LHA Exercise Round Up

May 12 - Nothing

May 13 - 30 mins walking with kids

May 14 - Nothing

May 15 - 60 mins walking around Knott's (We were there for 4 hours so I'm sure this is an understatement)

May 16 - 20 mins playing with the kids at the park (We played for 2 hours but I didn't run after them the whole time LOL!)

May 17 - 5 min Stair

May 18 - 5 mins Stair; 10 min walk with family; 47 min run (4/1 run/walk intervals)

And Deb asked what my plan of attack was going to be since I didn't do so hot last week. Well, I'm just trying to get a little bit in each day but will start doing more as time allows.

177 Minutes

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Deb said...

No slacking now. What's your plan for the weekend?