Monday, October 23, 2006

Things that Make you go Hmm . . . .

So I actually lost weight this past week! WOAH! 2.9 lbs to be exact! Who'da thunk it! I really didn't think I was going to lose. I didn't really exercise. We were busy getting ready for the trip and I had alcohol on Friday night and enjoyed myself at dinner on Saturday (stayed OP though!). So I guess I really do deserve the 2.9 loss especially after the 1 lb gain the week before. I'll definitely take it! I have 5 lbs to lose in two weeks to meet my goal. Let's see if I can do it!! We aren't going camping for another 3 weeks so I should be OK. We will see!!!

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Mommy2TwinGirls said...

WOWZERS! Girl you are rocking and rolling! WTG! I am going to catch up to you if it KILLS ME! You have almost 10 pounds that your ahead- but I can and will catch up!

Keep up the great work!