Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Off to a rocky start this morning. I walked into work with my friend and stopped in the snack bar. UGH!!!! STOP heather. Ok, enough of that. Had an ok day yesterday. It seemed all dh and I did was fight but nothing too serious. I did end up having McD's for lunch though because I went to Wal-Mart and hadn't had lunch and was just in a not too good mood. Ugh. I did actually wake up early yesterday even though I was off and exercised!! GO ME!! I woke up again this morning too and did yoga. It felt SO good. I'll run again tonight and Thursday and Friday. I have to go to the expo thing on Friday for my 5K to pick up my race stuff. Then Saturday we have a 4 year old birthday party to go to. Then Sunday is my 5K and Super Bowl Sunday. Still not sure what we are going to do for it. Hopefully go to one of the IL's house so I don't have to clean or get food ready or anything. It's just a pain though because none of their houses is baby proofed so I'm constantly running after the girls. Should be interesting.

So far this week on my menu plan I'm 3 for 3!!! YEAH!! We had meatloaf last night. It was so delicious I'm having leftovers for lunch today. I also decided to try my hand at the Buttery Bread Machine Rolls recipe. Oh My goodness!!!! They were EASY and delicious!!! Mine weren't as golden as the ones in the pictures but they were delicious. Dh raved about them and the kids loved them too. I will definitely be using my bread machine more this year!!!

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