Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Go away for a weekend and a ton of stuff occurs! LOL!

First, I won something! Yeehaw! I forgot I even entered LOL!. Over at orgjunkie.com I won the meal planner! Something I think will help me IMMENSELY! Woo hoo!! Especially since I didn't plan my meals this week. Woops! I was busy. I went away to Laughlin this weekend to have fun and gamble. I didn't win but I had TONS of fun! AND I lost 1 lb this week! Can't complain about that!!!

Second, I now have followers! Yippee! It's the little things that excite me, what can I say. =)

So yeah, I don't have a meal plan this week. I need to go to the grocery store but until then I need to figure out what I have at home (that is weight losing friendly!) that I can make for dinner. I really don't want to go out to eat. But I also have a sick kid at home. Emily is having diarahea. :sigh: We thought it had gone away but came back again yesterday. I hope what it is goes through her system and quickly.

I would also like to report I woke up this morning and exercised. GO ME! I started back up on my Turbo Jam DVDs. I WILL be running tonight. Still have that 5K to do. I haven't run since the first week in January. If I can just end the 5K in less time that my first I will be happy. But I think I will have to run every day between now and then to get ready for it. BAD HEATHER. This will NOT happen again. I will be ready for the next ones.

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