Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Review - Wrongsized

I read Wrongsized and could not stop laughing! This book was definitely a funny read. The author found a humorous way to lighten up the job situation as it is now for a lot of people - unemployed and trying to find a new job. He found a way to make you laugh and yet at the end, he gives great tips for those that are out of work to try something new and/or ask themselves questions to determine a path to potentially look for work in maybe something you didn’t initially think of. Some of the jobs he tries are ridiculously funny and the ways he gets “fired” from them are even funnier. This book would be a great read if you could read it all the way through the first time you read it. I read it in chunks and it lost some of what I had laughed at initially by coming back to it. I think I would have laughed hysterically throughout the whole thing had I read it straight through. It’s a short book, not hard to read at all. I definitely recommend it to those that are unemployed and looking and even those that are employed. It’s just an all around funny read!

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