Thursday, August 27, 2009

Book Review - Rick & Bubba's Guide to a Nearly Perfect Marriage

I did enjoy reading Rick & Bubba's Guide to a Nearly Perfect Marriage. This book is a satirical look at marriage through the eyes of these two men. I found parts of the book funny and parts of the book to make complete sense. They basically wrote this book as they saw it. I really liked the chapter at the end called the Book of Blame. Too many of the items they put in there were so true!!!! While I did enjoy reading this book, it is more of a one sitting book. Due to time constraints, I ended up reading this book over the span of two weeks. When I first sat down with the book, I thought it was HILARIOUS. But since I had to keep putting it down and then starting over from where I left off, I felt I lost some of the hilarity that was supposed to be this book. I think had I been able to sit down in one or two sittings and read the book from cover to cover, I would have enjoyed it more. I also think if you listen to their radio show (which I do not) maybe you would have found this book more funny than I did. Overall, this is a funny, witty book. Will you come away with learning anything about your marriage?? Probably not. This book is strictly for entertainment purposes (in my opinion).

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