Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yes I'm Being Horrible

Sorry!! I really really really need to lose weight. But my problem is I'm comfortable! Ugh. Bear with me. We are going camping this weekend so no time to do anything this week. Although I'm hoping I can run while we are camping. I don't see why not. Maybe I'll even get Connor to go with me for a little. That would be nice. We'll see. I'll try and be better about updating. I'm just swamped at work and it's not letting up. :sigh: Makes my day go faster and my eating better but breakfast is the worst of my offenders right now. Ok dinner too since we've been eating out. I will get through this!!!

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Kathryn said...

I went thru a period of "I just don't care!" this summer where i ate really, really horribly. But the down side of that were the side effects. Evidentally my body will no longer tolerate the chemicals, etc., or gluten. I'm still trying to recover!

It is so hard. I really need to lose weight too, but it can be so discouraging. I'm going to try "The Ultimate Metabolism" diet. If it works for me i'll let you know! Best wishes to you in continuing.