Friday, January 29, 2010

Book Review - Stop It

Stop It by Sally Lee is a book about being bullied. Anabel is a little girl that is bullied by her brother George. In the end, she tells George to STOP IT! and he stops being a bully. While this book has a good message (don't be a bully, don't let a bully bother you) it's kinda abrupt. Basically, all Anabel does is tell her brother to stop it and he stops being a bully. Will this happen in real life? I doubt it. Is it a good first step in teaching your child how to deal with bullies? Definitely. A bully won't stop unless you stand up to them and this sort of teaches how to do it. Will it have a happy ending like Anabel? Who knows. I would hope every situation would end like this but I doubt it.

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