Friday, January 22, 2010

Week Three - Perfect 10 Check In

2. Journal EVERYDAY - Did NOT journal AT ALL this week

3. Plan my meals at least weekly - Planned my meals for the Week of 1/18/10!

4. Work out 4 x's a week - Um No.

5. Use the Wii at least once a week. Nope not this week. =(

6. Run 6 5ks. Want to get back to running at night since I figured out I cannot do the morning thing anymore.

7. Complete my Turbo Jam Challenge (ends 3/7/10) Then complete P90x. Didn;t do it at all. Thinking of scrapping it but maybe I'll just pick up where I left off.
10. Organize my house, one room each month.
January - Laundry Room - Did my bathroom instead. And boy am I glad I did! Now to keep it clean and tidy!!!!

11. Take the kids to a new park each month - Took them to Fullerton Sports Complex.

12. Stay within my budget!! No more impulse buying. Ask myself 3 times if I NEED it before buying - Didn't do good last week. Bought some books at a going out of business sale that I so did NOT need. Bought 4 $2 books for the kids (NOT upset about that at all!) But I bought a book for dh that I ended up giving away because frankly it was a book that was not needed and would end up as clutter. Then I bought an organizing book for myself which I actually put down once but picked it back up. Mistake. If I had put it down, It meant I didn't need it. Oh well. I WILL read it and utilize it that's for sure!

Well, I'm still not doing great. =( I blame it on this time of year and the weather. It's rainy, its cold and I HATE to be cold. Not to mention you are bundled up so who wants to eat healthy light things when the dense fat things make you feel warmer?? At least they do for me. Oh well. I need to get  a grip on this. I know. I was doing good at exercising and I determined I cannot get up at 4am anymore to exercise. It was just taking a toll on me and I was so tired. I will have to make time at night NO MATTER WHAT. And my eating. Ugh. I have to get that under control too. I will - eventually.

Ok an interesting tidbit about me - I don't have any pets (thank god!). So I can't say I have a strange pet or any pet for that matter. So I guess I will have to come up with something else. Think Heather think. Hmmm. Well, we did have a dog about 5 years ago. A german shepard. And unfortunately he was very sick and we ended up having to put him to sleep. One of the worse days of my life and why I don't want another pet. I will for sure NOT get a pure bred again. Too much of a headache! My parents have dogs and cats and my ILs have a dog so if they kids want thier pet fix, we'll go visit them and then leave them there with all their mess. LOL!

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South Beach Steve said...

Heather, you know what the good thing is about this time of year? The days get longer and longer every day! We are one step closer to warm, spring weather every day! Woot!

I hope this is a fantastic upcoming week for you!

Helen said...

Our last pet died right after our daughter graduated from college in 2001. We have never gotten another one and I don't think we ever will. We're just not "pet people."

Mandie said...

Sorry you're in such a slump girl. I know you'll find the light again.