Monday, January 25, 2010


And that's not being said on a good note. Background - We redid our kitchen almost 7 years ago (wow does time fly! It seems like it was just yesterday but we redid it in 2003. Yikes!). Well the great contractor we hired to do the flooring did such  a great job (being said sarcastically) that we have one tile that has completely come up from the floor and most of our grout is missing in front of the sink and refrigerator. We were living with the grout issue but the tile coming up - well it was time to fix it. So we "hired" our neighbor who has construction background to help reinforce our kitchen floor (we have a raised foundation) and then redo a couple of tiles and regrout. Well, he reinforced the floor and today he was removing the tiles. Guess what he found? The wonder board that was placed under the tile wasn't done correctly. It should have been screwed in however, they nailed it in instead and so some of it is coming up from the plywood underneath. So to make a long story short, we are now going to re-tile the entire kitchen. Fun. This means, I will be without a stove and dishwasher for like a week (well knowing this guy it may turn into a month which would SUCK!). So there goes the meal planning for this week. Thankfully most of them can be moved to next week (hopefully we'll be back to normal then) and we have leftovers in the refrigerator we can heat up. I just made a HUGE pot of chili last night so I know dh will eat that as a leftover. I guess my plan of making up a list for the local fast food places should happen sooner rather than later now since I know us and we'll be eating out. Not good on the saving money front that's for sure. Ugh.


Kyle Gershman said...

As someone who has also had my experience with horrible contractos, I hope that there is a special place in hell for these creatures.

Nuff said...I'm sorry for your inconvenience and frustration! Don't let it turn into a binge or something, though, even with the food planning set back.

Good luck with your unplanned project.


South Beach Steve said...

Boy, this stinks. Hopefully it won't stretch into a month.

Mandie said...

Argh! This is just too bad girl! I'M SOO sorry! I agree with what the guys said...dont' let this turn into something bad! It will be nice to have a new floor though!