Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I feel like a heifer

Why do I do this to myself? I am not eating out of hunger. I am stuffed. That is why I feel like a heifer. And yet I continue to eat. Why? Because I feel the need to chew/munch? That is why gum was invented. I have gum. I have 5 packs of 5 sticks I believe. I should utilize them. Why don't I? I don't know. I need to change. I will change. I hate feeling like a heifer.

On a more positive note - I went to Kohl's on Sunday night (braved it in the rain!) and tried on ONLY size 8 pants. Guess what??? They FIT! I am officially a size 8! My goal for the longest time was to be in single digit sizing. I'm there now. Everyone is telling me how great they look and how they are trying to follow in my footsteps. Makes me feel like I'm done. Am I done? HELL NO. I am still NOT at the normal BMI. I still have A LOT of jiggly fat around my mid-section (thank you three kids!) and would like to be toned. I've been in this mindset before and I pushed through. I'm here now right? Where I've never been before. I just need to continue to push through. I will get past this. I have to get past this.


Kyle Gershman said...

As tough as this may sound, but you actually have the answers to the questions you are asking. You just need to listen to yourself when you are having these cravings and literally stop to ask why.

Clearly you were asking rhetorically, because the only insight we can give is that you already have the insight for yourself. What we can do, though, is continue to pledge our undying support for you to get the answers you are seeking.

Congrats on the size 8s! Definitely worth celebrating.

Mandie said...

Aw hon...don't give up...PLEASE don't give up. You know how to do this, and you WILL do it! No doubts in my mind!!!

Oh, and big congrat's on the size 8's! It's a goal of mine too! So glad you're already there soaking it in! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!