Friday, January 15, 2010

Week Two - Perfect 10 Check In

Well shoot. Ok, Yes Week One wasn't too bad. But Week 2 really didn't do so hot. Ugh. What is it with me and the beginning of a new year? It is so NOT a new beginning for me. I don't think I've ever done good at the beginning of the new year. Anyway, here's the update (I'll condense my 2010 goals that fit into the Pefect 10 window):

2. Journal EVERYDAY - Did NOT journal this week

3. Plan my meals at least weekly - Planned my meals for the Week of 1/11/10!

4. Work out 4 x's a week - YES!

5. Use the Wii at least once a week. Nope not this week. =(

6. Run 6 5ks. Stopped running because working out in the morning AND running at night was just tiring me out! I have to do one or the other and since i started the TJ challenge, I'm going to finish that one out right now.

7. Complete my Turbo Jam Challenge (ends 3/7/10) Then complete P90x. Did my TJ challenge every day except two

10. Organize my house, one room each month.
January - Laundry Room - Have not started on this yet.

11. Take the kids to a new park each month - Took them to Fullerton Sports Complex.

12. Stay within my budget!! No more impulse buying. Ask myself 3 times if I NEED it before buying - Working on it. So far so good for me but NOT for dh! He bought a couple extra things at Costco when he went for me.

Not doing so hot. =( I have no idea why am I not in the mood to eat write and I'm starting to not like exercising. Well, not not like it just would like to sleep in instead!! LOL! I think since I did so well at the end of 2009 WITHOUT exercising I'm thinking I can lose the rest of this weight without exercising. :sigh: I have to get my mind back in control.

Oops! Forgot about the intersting fact thing! I think I forgot last week too so I owe two interesting facts.

1.) I am married to my high school sweetheart. We started dating right after he graduated from our high school (we met each other his junior, my sophomore year and then the next year never talked until the very end of his senior year) and we have been together ever since!

2.) I have no idea who my father is. Never met the man. He left my mom when he found out she was pregnant with me. But considering he was still married with a son, um, woops! So out there in this world I have at least one half brother out there!!

I hope those two tidbits make up for my forgetting! I'll remember next week!!!! =)


Anonymous said...

I like how you are planning on doing P90X next. I'm on my second round through it right now and I love it. I've never tried Turbo Jams though but my girlfriend just ordered it. Have you ever thought of becoming a Beachbody coach? You should check out and click on coach in the middle of the page. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Good luck

South Beach Steve said...

P90X - I have heard lots of good stuff about this.

BTW, don't forget the "interesting item" for the week.

The_Exquisite_Christine said...

I had a rough week on intake too, I am blaming January. Just have the blahs . . .

Stick in there, we will get through it!