Friday, January 13, 2012

Plugging Along

It was so hard to go to the gym this morning. :( I woke up at 3:43 (alarm goes off at 3:45) and was so tempted to turn it off. But instead, I stretched in bed (I am SO SORE!!!) and when the alarm went off I went to the gym. Plan was to do c25k and then stairmaster for 20 mins. But I was like I am so NOT in the mood to do all that I'm JUST doing c25k. Then as I was doing c25k I got in the groove. Even did two more runs than the week called for. :) I was even up to 6 Mph on the treadmill (10 min miles which is a goal of mine to run for 3 miles straight). Then instead of just going home, I decided to do the bike instead of the starimaster for something diferent. Then I went and did two arm weight machines. Man are my arms weak!! So it ended up being SUCCESSFUL! Yeah. And I get two days off now. :)

Monday is a holiday. I want to sleep in a little but I still want to do c25k also. So I think I'll sleep in a little. Then go to c25k around my neighborhood instaed of at the gym. That way I can use my new Garmin to it's full potentional. :) Yeah!!

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