Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weigh In - Week Three (Repeat)

Ok. So I just had to weigh myself again this morning. I know the waking up later than normal last week sue to the holiday, screwed up my weigh in. So I weighed this morning:

Weigh In: 182.0

That's 3.4 lbs down from yesterday. YESTERDAY. Can you say what is wrong with this picture?? That would be 2 lbs down from a week ago. That's more like it. So I'm changing my weigh in day. I will weigh in on Tuesday's now. That way, if there is a holiday or I take a Monday off, I'm not worried about skewing my results. Most Tuesday's I'm at work and can weigh myself at the same time every week. :) So there you have it. Woo Hoo!!!

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