Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Can you tell . . .

that I fell off the P90X wagon?? I could not wake up on Friday. Well I could but the kids were up at night and I was just tired so I said screw it. So that led to no workout on Saturday or Sunday either. Then I figured I can't do anything Thurs - Sun this week so I'll start fresh again on Monday with p90X. Why not. I really do like the DVDs. It was fun and gave me a great workout!!! I can't wait to start again. It just KILLS me I have to wake up at 4am to do it. If it was 5am, it would be a better pill to swallow. But in 2004 I was dedicated and went to the gym every morning for MONTHS at 4:30am (waking up at 4am so I could get there when they opened). I can do it again. Granted, I didn't have kids waking me up then but I'll just learn to deal! (And go to bed by 9pm every night!).

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