Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Day One of P90X

I so did NOT want to wake up this morning but I forced myself to. After thinking about it last week, I knew I was starting P90x today. But the question was when do I do it? Morning, Evening? If I wait until the evening, I won't be starting it until like 9pm because the darn kids don't want to go to bed, argue, etc etc. So if I don't want to be interuppted I have to do it in the morning. No matter when I do it, dh will be watching me since i have to do it in the living room right now so take that out of the equation. So morning it was. Set my alarm for 3:50am so I could stay in bed for like 5 minutes but then I got my butt out of bed and turned the DVD on and sweated my butt off!! Felt so good!! I can see myself being pushed and really liking this! Yeah!!!


Laurie said...

Holy Cow!! 3:50 am is so early! Way to go and follow through with your plans. Glad you feel so good! That's the way it should be. Keep it up!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

From one P90Xer to another... just keep bringing it! It'll pay off... I promise!

And I keep my boyfriend out of the apartment for an hour when I workout in the living room... I noticed I get a way better workout when I don't have to be distracted by him watching me.