Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LHA Week 7 WI

So today's WI goes like this:


Sigh, it was less than last week but since I didn't report last week I am showing a gain of 1.8 lbs. On the exercise front it goes as follows: 90 mins gymnastics practice; 60 mins swim lessons; 30 mins wii; 30 min walk at work. Total of 210 mins. Thank you kids and the activities I signed you up for! =) Since they are parent and me I have to particpate too. ;) The following weeks are going to be much better. I just looked back at my starting weight and it's exactly what I weighed in this week! I think this is a sign. A sign I can start over and go go go!! And I will.

Christine has started a side challenge for the next 4 weeks called the 7-11 challenge. We are to think of four goals for the next four weeks. Here are my four goals:

1. Journal my food NO MATTER WHAT every day!
2. Write out a positive affirmation every morning
3. Start incorporting veggies & fruits into dinner (SO hard for me to remember)
4. Drink only 1 soda a day

I think those are perfectly doable goals for the next 4 weeks. Wish me luck!!!


Michelle said...

yes...this is hard...but remember you are making changes that you can live with permanently. You will find your zone, just stick with it. You can do this!! :)

Good luck with your challenge and reaching your goals.

erin said...

boooo scale!!!! don't stress it. you have 4 fantastic goals and it's awesome that you can get exercise minutes in while still having fun with your children!!! i think you're doing great!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! The second half of the challenge is going to rock for you! Yay for activity!

Mandie said...

Fantastic goals girl. And now is our time to shine! Let's do this together! We've come to far to not finish the race!!!!

kimbo said...

soda is a tough goal for me too! i switched to diet finally but its hard for me to pick water over soda!! good luck!