Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day Three of P90X

I woke up again this morning. Go me! I didn't go to bed until 11 pm last night because dh and I were watching The Hurt Locker but I still managed to get up at 4am and I didn't feel tired. (probably helped neither one of the girls woke me up last night!). Today was Shoulders & Arms. I only have 3 lb dumbbells at home but that was all I needed to start out with. For triceps and butterfly exercises that was PLENTY. I do need heavier weights for the biceps but I'm undecided what to do. Do I just buy some dumbbells here and there when I need them or do I just suck it up and buy the resistance bands instead? Any ideas, suggestions??

The diet is going eh. I did horrible yesterday since I was at training and home all day. =( Oh well. I'm trying to make today better! Although again, I started with a dang donut. Ugh. I have GOT to kill this sweet tooth. Still feeling sore today. It feels good though! I know I'm working out my muscles and it feels GREAT. I'm going to have to modify the workout days here. There is no way I can do Yoga on a workday. It's a 90 min DVD and I don't have that much time in the morning unless I want to wake up at 3:30 instead. I'll save that for Saturday. So instead of doing Yoga tomorrow I guess I will do Kenpo X. I'm going to try to make this fit into MY schedule. If I don't, it won't work and I'll quit and I am NOT QUITTING! K. =) I also know when I go to my parents next weekend I will have to skip Thursday - Sunday. No big deal. I'm going to try and go for some walks/runs while there and then I'll pick back up when I get home. I am NOT QUITTING. I am going to make this work with MY schedule so that I can and will succeed!!!


Sylvia said...

Don't quit!!! Keep going!!! :)

erin said...

yoga X is the WORST! seriously, I dread it. Lol. And I LOVE yoga. It's just so long and repetitive and ugh! So it's good to wait to do it on a day when you have the time, because it really is excruciating. You'll like kenpo a lot though. It's really fun and upbeat. Great job so far!

Amber said...

You reached day 3! That is awesome! I reached day 1...and I don't think I even completely went through with it. I am sticking to my walking and stretching for now. Baby steps, I suppose. Oh...and I totally know what you mean about a sweet tooth. My mom always serves several different desserts at her parties and my answer was always, "One of each, please." Until recently...I started taking JuicePlus, and I am now more interested in drinking water over a sugary drink, or eating fresh fruits and vegetables over the sweets. It's weird and awesome all at the same time! Gotta love whole food based nutrition! (Let me know if you're interested in knowing more about it.)