Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LHA Challenge Update

I know tomorrow is Week Seven WI. What happened to my Week 6 WI you ask? I chose to forgo it. I did horrible. I hate that I'm back in the 170s. I did no form of exercise (which I need to update my exercise totals) and I just all around basically SUCKED. I am so sorry fellow team members that I only got around your blogs the first week. Now we are onto new teams and I hope to be a better bloggy friend because frankly. I've been a horrible bloggy friend. No excuses. I'm also changing my WI date back to Monday (so I already have my WI for this week). That Wednesday WI was just killing me. If I have a Monday WI I just start over better on Mondays and I need to be good on the weekend so I can have a good WI come Monday. =) So watch out. I may have sucked the first 7 weeks but I'm going to try and kick it into gear the next 9 weeks (right? I think it's a 16 week challenge LOL!). So LET'S GET IT ON!!

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The_Exquisite_Christine said...

You and me are gonna rock these last 9 weeks. I kinda crapped out on the first 7 too . . . :S Welcome back!!!! BRING IT, GIRL!