Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On Program!!!

I was OP yesterday. Woo Hoo!!! Go me. I even got a walk in, in the morning. I have actually set up a reminder in outlook everyday at 9:30am that tells me to go for a walk. Hopefully that will keep me going. We are going camping this weekend. We use to snack so much at camping trips but that's kinda gone by the wayside. I should be able to do good. We have our meals planned and hopefully I can get some exercise in.

One of my coworkers brought in some garlic cheesey bread from Black Angus. I'm hoping I can resist the temptation. I guess it looks really good. I wouldn't know, I haven't looked at it!! Hopefully I can stay away from it. :crosses fingers:

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Mandie said...

I have to NOT look at things co-workers bring in. They only lead to temptation! So I totally feel you! I hope you have enough willpower to just steer CLEAR of it :) You're doing great! I'm SO glad the both of us are back up and doing this!!!