Monday, February 13, 2006

Woo Hoo!!!!

Good morning!!! I weighed in this morning and (drumroll please!!!!) DOWN 4.2 lbs!!!! Yippee!! I am going to be switching to Thursday's to WI though. The girls in my neighborhood all got together and we are going to WI on Thursday's and challenge ourselves. Basically what we are doing is weighing in and if you have maintained and not lost any weight you have to pay $5. For every ounce you gain it's another $1 so if you gain a lb it's $15. That will really motivate me not to gain weight!! So anyway, I'm just going to go off that scale instead of mine at home. I figure it will be easier.

Our camping trip was fun this past weekend until yesterday. On the way home our friends flipped their trailer on the freeway. Thankfully no one was hurt but the Suburban and Trailer are totaled. It was pretty knarly looking. We were ahead of them and didn't even realize it happened but we were caravaning home and our other friends that were behind them called us up and told us so we got off the freeway and turned around. It was pretty scary. I can only say thankfully no one was injured. It was the mom, dad, their two sons and their two dogs. NO ONE had a scratch on them!!

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