Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Review - Man Overboard by Sandy Mason

I have to say Man Overboard was a very enjoyable sitting by the beach or pool read. It was an entertaining read that had mystery, intrigue and a little bit of romance all thrown in. I thoroughly enjoyed how Sandy Mason wrote the book in the first person. I can't remember that last time I read a book that was written like that. By doing that, he was able to throw in some witty comments and phrases his main character said so we got a feel for how we thought and felt at certain times. It was nice to get that sarcastic wit or happiness while reading the book. My only downside to the book was the beginning felt a little repetitious. At one point, he actually told us twice what he did for a living almost word for word. It was almost like he forgot he had already added that in the previous chapter or he was going for more pages in the book. But after that hiccup, the book read smoothly and was entertaining. I'm definitely interested in reading more Johnny Donohue Adventures books!!

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