Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I am very proud of myself. Last night was a hectic night (as will be the next few weeks too since it's swim lessons for the foreseeable future. :sigh:). I also had to get lotto for work so I said I'll just pick up dinner. Well dh wanted SuperMex. I'm not a big fan of SuperMex but he really wanted enchilada's. Why am I proud of myself?? Because instead of getting my usual enchilada and tamale (that's not always good anyway!) I ordered off their lite menu! Go me. Now I just have a bone to pick with SuperMex. a.) I can't find nutritional information for them (grr! - how do I know these are "lite"?) and b.) um, you call that lite?!?! I got the Lite Chicken Taco combo. It did come with the "liter" beans and rice (which by the way they also subbed for my hubby and that was NOT what I had requested. Oh well). But the taco had cheese and TWO corn tortillas. Not sure what else was in there because the cheese was sort of melted and making it stick together. Geez! Not to mention, on their "lite" menu they talk about things with guacamole. GUACAMOLE?!?! That is so NOT lite. So in the end, I counted it as if they were not lite and so I went over my calories yesterday. But I'm not bummed. I'm learning!!! =)

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Hayley said...

Hi Heather!!!
I'm still around, I just can't get excited about blogging lately....hoping it's a phase, and it will soon pass.

WTG Girl on the lite menu. I had one meal yesterday at Perkins......but that meal included a little slice of heaven...strawberry pie, and then another slice of heaven......french silk pie (my DD didn't want it).....couldn't let it go to waste now, could I? Turns out I was down a pound this morning...go figure???

I'm still here.....we can do this......I don't care if it takes the rest of our lives!!!