Monday, July 27, 2009

Book Review - Size 2 for Life

How appropriate that this is a weight loss blog and I am reviewing a weight loss book. =) Size 2 for Life is really a misnomer. When you start reading the book, the first thing they tell you: depending on your frame size, will depend on whether you can reach a size 2 or not. If you are a medium frame, you will get to a size 4, a large frame – a size 6 (but you will LOOK like a size 2). I did enjoy reading this book. It was filled with helpful information and made me think about how I was eating and exercising. I will definitely keep this book. It has a great couple chapters on resistance training – at the gym, at home, and on a stability ball. All with pictures (I like pictures!). This would be a great resource for the first time person looking to start using weights and doing resistance training. As far as the daily meal plan and guide – eh. I will definitely read the daily action steps and answer the questions and/or reflect like it asked. I think that part is awesome as it helps you to deal with your emotions and why/how you are in this mess to begin with and how to help yourself get out. As far as the meal plan, no. I think it’s very dull and not very conducive to a plan that you would stick with. I don’t think anyone using their meal plan would last more than 3 – 5 days. But I plan on using their exercise and daily action steps to help spur me to a size 2! (I have a small body frame!)

So come back on Monday to see how I do - it's 21 days. They suggest exercising in the morning and in the evening (which I've wanted to start doing). Also, I'll share my action step that day and my thoughts!

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